Amira Name Meaning, Numerology, Origin, & More Details

Amira Name Meaning, Numerology, Origin, & More Details

Amira Name Meaning: Understanding the Significance in Simple Terms

The name Amira holds a special meaning that reflects strength and leadership. When parents choose this name for their daughters, they’re often hoping to convey a sense of royalty and authority.

Quick Info
MeaningPrincess or leader
PersonalityCharismatic, compassionate, intuitive
Career/Job OpportunityLeadership roles, humanitarian work, counseling
Lucky Numbers3, 6, 9
Lucky DayMonday
Lucky ColorBlue
Lucky GemstoneSapphire

Getting to Know the Origins of Amira’s Name Meaning

Amira’s name meaning is derived from Arabic roots, where it stands for being a leader or having noble qualities. For Muslims, the Amira name meaning holds much value as it embodies wisdom and grace. It is chosen by families who give the utmost significance to cultural heritage.

The Name Amira Meaning And Its Relationship With The Strength In Women

Girls are often named with the meaning of the word Amira which indicates resilience and dignity. Amongst Muslim individuals, the meaning of the name Amira is associated with leadership and compassion thereby indicating that women have power and charm.

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Numerology Behind The Name Amira’s Meaning

Numerology Behind The Name Amira’s Meaning

Numerology Behind The Name Amira

When it comes to numerology, those who bear Amira as their names carry with them the number nine. This implies that they mostly have leadership skills and intuitive powers. They excel in assisting others while making positive transformations in society.

Personality Traits Of People Bearing The Name Amira

A typical person bearing the name has an adorable personality while being caring at the same time. They can easily empathize with other people and handle difficult situations well. As such, they possess good attributes that make them ideal leaders as well as trusted advisors.

Amira meaning of name in career and life path

People with the Amira name often excel in jobs that are focused on helping people, such as therapeutic counseling or working for nongovernmental organizations. They know what they want and enjoy it when they make a difference to others’ lives.

Amira’s Name Meaning Brings Luck

According to the Amira name lucky numbers include 3,6 and 9. Monday is Amiras’ lucky day; blue brings them luck while wearing sapphire enhances their wisdom and intuition.

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To Conclude: The Significance of Amira’s Name

It can be simply said that the name Amira means strength, beauty, and power. Arabian roots, numerological relevance, and religious undertones have made it one of the most common names today. Be she a princess or an empathetic leader, those named Amira can positively change things around them.

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