Christian Baby Boy Names

Total 1541 Names
Abba born on thursday 156 Views
Abbot daddy, priest 178 Views
Abby daddy, my daddy is light 22 Views
Abdiel devotee of god 21 Views
Abe daddy of a multitude, breath 18 Views
Abel breathing, breath, highborn 137 Views
Abell exhalation of breath, pride 169 Views
Abida worshipper 157 Views
Abie daddy of many, short form 133 Views
Abner daddy of light, luminous 165 Views
Abraham daddy of multitude, faultless 153 Views
Abram a style of abraham, exalted… 140 Views
Abrasha daddy 122 Views
Absalom god the daddy of peace 161 Views
Absalon handsome prince, daddy of peace 164 Views
Absolom my daddy is peace 173 Views
Acacio the lord holds 128 Views
Ace unity, first rate, prime 211 Views
Acer unity, prime 111 Views
Achill pain, place name 118 Views
Acke the daddy of peace, god,… 123 Views
Ackerlea place name, oak, meadow 119 Views
Ackerley dweller at the acre meadow,… 166 Views
Ackerly place name, oak, meadow 138 Views
Acklea place name, oak, meadow 121 Views
Ackley dwells at the oak tree… 203 Views
Acklie place name, oak, meadow 109 Views
Acton from an oak tree town,… 153 Views
Adair style of edgar, oak tree 169 Views
Adam man, of the earth, red… 123 Views
Addai man of god 105 Views
Addam child of the red earth,… 125 Views
Addan of the earth 129 Views
Adden one who is glorious 138 Views
Addichild child of the red earth 113 Views
Addo happy 154 Views
Addoriis in mythology 114 Views
Aden attractive, handsome, pleasure 118 Views
Adenn one who is glorious 116 Views
Adiba cultured 132 Views
Adlai god is just 141 Views
Adler eagle 150 Views
Adley the just, judicious 117 Views
Adli just 162 Views
Admon red peony 121 Views
Adney lives on the noble's island 102 Views
Adolph noble wolf 174 Views
Adon lord 132 Views
Adonai my lord 136 Views
Adonriis in mythology 116 Views
Adrian a man from hadria 181 Views
Adrianno dark 112 Views
Adriano from hadria 123 Views
Adrien the dark one, rich, wealthy 103 Views
Adrin gracefiil, brilliant 141 Views
Adryll graceful, brilliant 182 Views
Adway one, united 112 Views
Aedan little fire, born of fire 133 Views
Aegis shield, zeus 116 Views
Aeithen graceful, brilliant 166 Views
Aelish truth teller 159 Views
Aengus exceptionally strong, potency 135 Views
Ahan dawn, auspicious dawn, morriing 215 Views
Aidan a glorious young man 145 Views
Aidann a glorious young man 112 Views
Aiddan a glorious young man 124 Views
Aidden a glorious young man 105 Views
Arden a glorious young man 210 Views
Badrick axe ruler 20 Views
Bail a style of vail 165 Views
Bailey bailiff 21 Views
Baird poet, one who sings ballads,… 21 Views
Baker baker 21 Views
Balan newly risen, youthful, simple 130 Views
Balder bearer of light, prince 111 Views
Baldric brave ruler, bold, princely ruler 110 Views
Baldwin bold, princely, bold friend 116 Views
Ballard bald man, a dancing childg,… 130 Views
Balthasar god save the king, god… 113 Views
Balthazar god save the king, protect 166 Views
Balwin bold protector 113 Views
Bancroft bean field 139 Views
Bani children, speech, orator 175 Views
Banner flag bearer 108 Views
Baptist to dip, baptist, dipping in… 109 Views
Baptiste baptiser 104 Views
Barak thunder 112 Views
Barclay from the birch-tree meadow, meadow 130 Views
Barden barley valley 111 Views
Bardolph axe-wolf, bright wolf 145 Views
Barker lumberjack 140 Views
Barlow bare hillside 117 Views
Barnab child of consolation 124 Views
Barnabas childof encouragement, prophecy 113 Views
Barnaby child of consolation, prophet 113 Views
Barnes bear 111 Views
Barney from the land that was… 139 Views
Barnum baron's home 101 Views
Baron nobleman, title of nobility 160 Views
Barret brave as a bear, variation 149 Views
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Christian boy names with their meanings.

There are many beautiful Christian baby boy names and their meanings. Some popular ones include Aidan: A Celtic name meaning “fire“, Caleb: A Hebrew name meaning “faithful“, Daniel: A Hebrew name meaning “God is my judge“, Elijah: A Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is my God“, Ethan: A Hebrew name meaning “strong“, Gabriel: A Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength“, Isaac: A Hebrew name meaning “he will laugh“, Isaiah: A Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is salvation“, Jesus: A Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is salvation“. All of these names are special and have wonderful meanings. Choose the name that you feel best suits your little one. Also, you can check the complete list below.