Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Total 69 Names
Abaigael gives pleasure, daddy rejoices 149 Views
Abbey my daddy rejoices, high-born 116 Views
Abigail delight, pleasure to the daddy,… 64 Views
Abija my daddy is the lord 60 Views
Abilene a plain, grassy meadow 63 Views
Abmel hopeful 106 Views
Abra mother of multitude, task 154 Views
Abrianna female version of abraham 128 Views
Ada decorated and glorious, pure, glorious 135 Views
Adaline glorious, merciful 144 Views
Adallina glorious, merciful 116 Views
Addie glorious, merciful, merciful spirit 459 Views
Addy decorated, glorious, merciful, brightness 119 Views
Adela greatness, glorious merciful, softer 434 Views
Adelaide decorated, glorious 218 Views
Adele decorated, greatness, glorious merciful 117 Views
Adelia of the greatness, glorious merciful,… 158 Views
Adelice glorious, merciful, glorious sort 125 Views
Adelicia glorious, merciful, glorious sort 141 Views
Adeline glorious, greatness, merciful, brightness 116 Views
Adelis glorious, merciful, glorious sort 147 Views
Adelle glorious, form of adelaide, glorious 146 Views
Adilene glorious, variant of adela 137 Views
Adina decoration, friday, handsome 122 Views
Adine glorious, tender, delicate 108 Views
Adlin glorious, merciful 105 Views
Admiranda worthy of admiration 116 Views
Adolpha glorious wolf, womanly 118 Views
Adreana dark, rich 178 Views
Adria dark, the adriatic sea region 193 Views
Adriana dark and rich, woman from… 260 Views
Adriane from hadria, dark, rich 111 Views
Adrianna dark, woman from hadria, dark… 264 Views
Adrianne woman from adria, dark, rich 123 Views
Adrienne dark one 103 Views
Afila intelligent 104 Views
Agas good, medicine 115 Views
Agatha good-hearted, good 309 Views
Agnes pure, chaste, holy, goddess 119 Views
Agnus holy, chaste 97 Views
Aida visiting, glorious, greatness, rebattled 198 Views
Aideen little fire, flame, face 109 Views
Aila name of a river, earthly,… 234 Views
Aileen light from sun, torch of… 184 Views
Ailith seachilded battlerior, glorious battle 145 Views
Ailsie devoted to god, island dweller 212 Views
Aindrila female star 122 Views
Airlia ethereal 126 Views
Aislin vision, dream 100 Views
Aiva variant of the womanly name… 110 Views
Aiyana eternal blossom, endless beauty 112 Views
Akemi bright - handsome 104 Views
Akira gentle flower, natural, decorated 1086 Views
Aksa soul 270 Views
Alana valuable, precious 105 Views
Alanna fair, handsome, dear child 122 Views
Alarice ruler of all, rules all 109 Views
Alarms valuable, precious, little rock 104 Views
Alberta wise, decorated, glorious, bright 116 Views
Albertine glorious 112 Views
Alda old but decorated, rich, old,… 116 Views
Alea exalted, high 118 Views
Aleena soft, silk of heaven, handsome 190 Views
Aleesha glorious, greatness, glorious sort 212 Views
Aleina light, powerful 100 Views
Alena torch of light, dear child,… 102 Views
Alesha of a glorious, merciful, of… 162 Views
Aleta truthful one, caring, winged 226 Views
Aletea the truth, honest 114 Views

Christian Baby Girl Names That Start with the Letter A, with Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Christian baby girl names starting with A. Some of these names include:
Ariel: meaning “lion of God
Aurora: meaning “dawn
Adeline: meaning “noble
Astrid: meaning “divine beauty
Each of these names is lovely and has a special meaning. Whatever name you choose for your baby girl, she is sure to be blessed. Also, you can check the complete list below.