Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Total 68 Names
Mabel adorable, lovable 128 Views
Mabella lovable, short form of amabel 145 Views
Mabelle lovable, short form of amabel 82 Views
Mable lovable, short form of amabel 136 Views
Madalyn from the tower, woman from… 122 Views
Maddichild child of the mighty battlerior 105 Views
Maddie woman from magdala 94 Views
Madelaine from the tower 91 Views
Madeline one who is elevated, woman 143 Views
Madelyn high tower, woman from magdala 86 Views
Madge pearl, form of margaret 96 Views
Madonna lady of mine, my lady 149 Views
Mae the fifth month of the… 297 Views
Maegan pearl 93 Views
Maesha peace, mercifulness 122 Views
Maeve intoxicating, a purple flower 94 Views
Mag pearl 100 Views
Magadaliania decorated, talented 112 Views
Magdalen woman from magdala, tower, women 134 Views
Magdalene woman from magdala, bitter 130 Views
Maggie child of light, pearl, flower 95 Views
Magnolia flower name, magnol's flower 178 Views
Mahala woman, tenderness, marrow, tender 98 Views
Mahalia affection, tender 150 Views
Maidie maiden, young woman 184 Views
Maisie pearl, scottish form of margaret 96 Views
Maizy decorated, talented 156 Views
Makayla handsome, one who is like… 96 Views
Makenna happiness, child of kenneth 88 Views
Mala pendant, necklace, garland, row 141 Views
Maleah bitter, beloved 163 Views
Malina follower of saint columba, tower 167 Views
Malinda blend of melissa and linda,… 91 Views
Malta rebellious, beloved, industrious 115 Views
Malvina woman with smooth foresuperior 137 Views
Mamie sea of bitterness 120 Views
Mancy voice of heart 94 Views
Mandi adorable, lovable 148 Views
Mandy lovable, worthy of love 156 Views
Manmatha god of love, cupid 94 Views
Manoi handsome, brave, courageous 95 Views
Maralyn handsome waterfall 134 Views
Marcelen a form of Marcella 119 Views
Marcelina young battlerior, rendered to mars 102 Views
Marci of mars, martial, brave, battle… 187 Views
Marcia rendered to mars, battlelike 118 Views
Marcie from mars, god of battle,… 89 Views
Marcy rendered to mars, battlelike 105 Views
Mardella meadow near a lake 143 Views
Mare bitterness, sea 121 Views
Maree sea of bitterness, beloved 130 Views
Margaret pearl, jewel, name of a… 118 Views
Margarita pearl, child of light 198 Views
Margarite a pearl 126 Views
Margaux pearl 101 Views
Margery pearl 152 Views
Margi traveler 100 Views
Margie pearl, short form of margaret 167 Views
Margo pearl 341 Views
Margot pearl, child of light, variation 96 Views
Margrita child of light, pearl, daisy 127 Views
Mariabella handsome, beloved 148 Views
Mariah god is my teacher 99 Views
Mariam sea of bitterness, form of… 202 Views
Mariana rebellious woman 158 Views
Marianna combination of maria and anna,… 159 Views
Marianne sea of bitterness, rebellious 98 Views
Matey decorated, talented 130 Views

Christian Baby Girl Names That Start with the Letter M, with Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Christian baby girl names starting with M. Below are some of the most popular names along with their meanings:
Madison – “Gift from God
Miranda – “Wonderful
Mikayla – “The Lord is near
Makenzie – “The fair one
Maggie – “Pearl
Marissa – “Of the sea
Melanie – “Black, dark
These are just a few of the many beautiful Christian baby girl names that start with the letter M. With such a wide variety of names to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect name for your little girl. Also, you can check the complete list below.