Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Total 66 Names
Oceana ocean 139 Views
Oceanna from the sea 132 Views
Octavia eighth-born 89 Views
Oda praise god, wealthy, child, riches 117 Views
Odahingum rippling water 97 Views
Odalys wealth 122 Views
Odeda strong 129 Views
Odelia little wealthy one 172 Views
Odella wood hill 120 Views
Odera lough 88 Views
Odessa place name 486 Views
Odetta wealth 160 Views
Odette wealth 102 Views
Ofira gold 111 Views
Ogin wild rose 88 Views
Ohawna god's gracious gift 117 Views
Oksana hospitality 132 Views
Oksanna hospitality 90 Views
Olathe beautiful 89 Views
Oleevia leaf 91 Views
Olga norse holy 148 Views
Olive merciful one, tree, peace, pure 124 Views
Olivette olive tree 93 Views
Olivia olive tree, supernatural army, ancestor 125 Views
Olivia olive symbol of peace 93 Views
Olla one who is precious 153 Views
Ollive olive branch 106 Views
Ollivia elf army 101 Views
Olympia from mount olympus 191 Views
Olyvia elf army 120 Views
Ominotago beautiful voice 85 Views
Omuille love, happy, powers 93 Views
Ona full of grace, fire, grace,… 127 Views
Onawa wide awake 120 Views
Ondrea strong, courageous, a man's woman 130 Views
Ondreea courageous, womanly, battlerior 105 Views
Onida the one searched for 92 Views
Oona latin one 93 Views
Oonah latin one 110 Views
Oota dabun day star 105 Views
Opal gemstone 202 Views
Opaline jewel, gem, precious stone 94 Views
Ophelia helpful woman, helpful, serpentine 133 Views
Ophrah light 99 Views
Oprah one who turned her back,… 121 Views
Ora seacoast 92 Views
Orabel handsome seacoast, light, golden 88 Views
Oralee lord is my light 115 Views
Oralie golden, variant aurelia 92 Views
Oreen from the pine tree 102 Views
Oriana golden one, dawning, sun ray 109 Views
Oriane rising, dawning, golden 100 Views
Orianna born at sunrise 130 Views
Orinda pine trees 119 Views
Orla golden princess 135 Views
Orlagh golden queen, princess 106 Views
Orlantha fame of the land 118 Views
Orli the light is mine 86 Views
Orna ceder tree, open-minded, pine tree 130 Views
Orpah fawn 110 Views
Orva brave friend 116 Views
Osma divine protector 97 Views
Oswalda god's power 84 Views
Othelia wealth 145 Views
Ottilie wealth 104 Views
Owena young battlerior, well-born, female 91 Views

Christian Baby Girl Names That Start with the Letter O, with Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Christian baby girl names starting with O. Here are just a few, along with their meanings:
Olivia: This name means “olive tree” It is a symbol of peace and fertility.
Ophelia: This name means “help” It is a reminder that God is always there to help us.
Orla: This name means “golden” It is a reminder that God loves us unconditionally.
Oona: This name means “one” It is a reminder that we are all one in God’s eyes.
Whatever name you choose for your baby girl, know that it is a special and perfect name, chosen just for her by God. Also, you can check the complete list below.