Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Total 71 Names
Valantina sound, brave, lovable, strong 110 Views
Valarie to be strong, to be… 195 Views
Valerie french to be strong 109 Views
Valle from the glen 104 Views
Vallency decorated, talented 118 Views
Vallerie variant of Valerie 95 Views
Valorie to be strong, form of… 135 Views
Vanea gods gracious gift 124 Views
Vaneesa pure 107 Views
Vaneeza cute 101 Views
Vanessa genus of butterfly, star 125 Views
Vanetta a form of vanessa 115 Views
Vanna butterfly, short form of vanessa 316 Views
Vannah god is gracious 120 Views
Vanya gods gracious gift 120 Views
Varda rose 129 Views
Variia gods gracious gift 108 Views
Variity vain 116 Views
Varina thorn 128 Views
Vedika no meaning submitted 180 Views
Veera the brave 145 Views
Vega falling star, meadow, plant 132 Views
Velda famous ruler, power, rule 257 Views
Velita decorated, talented 117 Views
Velma resolute protector, will, desire 199 Views
Velvet velvety 117 Views
Venesa decorated, talented 95 Views
Venessa butterfly, named for venus 156 Views
Venus desire, goddess of love, beauty 170 Views
Veny god gifted 251 Views
Vera latin true 167 Views
Verda spring 109 Views
Verina protector, truth, faith, sacred 135 Views
Verity truth 155 Views
Verna truth, born in spring, spear 342 Views
Veronica one who brings victory, true 114 Views
Veronika victory bringer 102 Views
Vesna spring 131 Views
Vesta born near a fireplace 101 Views
Vi purple, full of life, violet 154 Views
Viatrix voyages through life 96 Views
Vickii variation 92 Views
Vickki variation 116 Views
Vicky conqueror 142 Views
Victorria victorious woman 85 Views
Victorya woman of victory 96 Views
vidette the beloved 136 Views
Vikki conqueror 84 Views
Viktoria conqueror 99 Views
Vinnette decorated, talented 144 Views
Viny handsome 99 Views
Viola form of violet, violet flower 283 Views
Violet bluish purple, violet flower 153 Views
Violeta violet 170 Views
Violetta little violet, purple 113 Views
Virgie virgin 160 Views
Virginia pure, maiden, virgin 117 Views
Virginnia one who is chaste 149 Views
Viridiana young 122 Views
Vita vital or animated 152 Views
Vivian latin lively 369 Views
Viviana alive 159 Views
Viviane alive 130 Views
Viviann lively woman 113 Views
Vivianna full of life 191 Views
Vivianne alive 133 Views
Vivien alive, lively, animated, variation 119 Views
Vonda true image, loving woman 125 Views
Vonnie true image, womanly, brave, yew 99 Views
Vrinda basil, tulsi, goddess radha 171 Views
Vulpine like a fox 130 Views

Christian Baby Girl Names That Start with the Letter V, with Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Christian baby girl names starting with V. Here are just a few, along with their meanings:
Valerie: This name means “strong” or “healthy
Vanessa: This name means “butterfly
Veronica: This name means “true image
Violet: This name means “purple flower
Victoria: This name means “victorious
Vivian: This name means “lively
Each of these names is lovely and has a special meaning. Choose the perfect name for your little girl, and watch her grow into it. Also, you can check the complete list below.