Hindu Baby Boy Names

Total 1155 Names
Abeer fragrance, perfume, scent 143 Views
Abharan jewel 127 Views
Abhay brave, fearless 76 Views
Abheek fearless 98 Views
Abheer cow herd 77 Views
Abhi bold, audacious, fearless, venturesome 85 Views
Abhibhava overpowering 121 Views
Abhichandra moon like face 118 Views
Abhidi radiant, radial, fulgent 142 Views
Abhihita expression 118 Views
Abhijat noble 132 Views
Abhijaya conquest 122 Views
Abhijit victorious 108 Views
Abhijvala blazing forth 99 Views
Abhik dear, beloved, darling, sweetheart, favorite 134 Views
Abhilash wish 114 Views
Abhimand gladdening 133 Views
Abhimani full of pride 117 Views
Abhimanyu son of arjuna 105 Views
Abhimanyusuta son of abhimanyu 116 Views
Abhimoda joy 123 Views
Abhinabhas renowned 88 Views
Abhinanda to rejoice 111 Views
Abhinandan congratulation 97 Views
Abhinandana felicitous 119 Views
Abhinatha lord of desires 111 Views
Abhinav brand new 129 Views
Abhinava new 106 Views
Abhinivesh desire 121 Views
Abhiraam pleasing 94 Views
Abhiraj fearless king 111 Views
Abhirath great charioteer 99 Views
Abhirup handsome 122 Views
Abhisar companion 109 Views
Abhishek ritual 117 Views
Abhisoka passionate 108 Views
Abhisumat radiant 110 Views
Abhisyanta splendid 99 Views
Abhivaadan greeting 104 Views
Abhivanth royal salute 108 Views
Abhivira surrounded by heroes 137 Views
Abhra cloud 118 Views
Abhrakasin with clouds for shelter 91 Views
Abhu unborn 121 Views
Abhyagni towards the fire 101 Views
Abhyudaya luck 106 Views
Abhyudita elevated 116 Views
Abimanyu arjuna's son 112 Views
Abir perfume 251 Views
Abivanth royal salute 108 Views
Babala Above 80 Views
Babhru Fierce 93 Views
Babila A House 87 Views
Babul A Tree, Fathar 91 Views
Bachil One Who Speaks Much 96 Views
Badal Cloud 104 Views
Badara Jujube Tree 131 Views
Badhira Deat 104 Views
Badri Lord Vishnu 121 Views
Badrinath Lord Vishnu 108 Views
Badriprasad Goft Of Badri 110 Views
Baduli Logician 121 Views
Bahubali A Jain Tirthankar 105 Views
Bahula A Star 140 Views
Bahuli Manifold 125 Views
Bahumanya Honoured By Many 117 Views
Bahurai With Great Riches 96 Views
Bahurja Full Of Energy 111 Views
Baibhav Prosperity 98 Views
Baira Brave 128 Views
Bajrang Hanuman Another Name 115 Views
Baka Crane 105 Views
Bakhtawar Who Brings Good Luck 107 Views
Bakool Flower 106 Views
Bakul A Kind Of Tree 125 Views
Bakula Nagakeshar Flower 101 Views
Bakur Thunderbolt 115 Views
Bakura Thunderbolt 103 Views
Bala Child 124 Views
Balaaditya Young Sun 120 Views
Balaark The Rising Sun 95 Views
Balachandra Young Moon 103 Views
Baladhi Deep Insight 113 Views
Baladhitya Newly Risen Sun 97 Views
Balagopal Infant Krishna 100 Views
Balagovind Infant Krishna 102 Views
Balaji Lord Venkatesh 103 Views
Balakrishna Young Krishna 109 Views
Balaksa Strong Eyed 97 Views
Balakumar Vyouthful 96 Views
Balamani Young Jewel 100 Views
Balamohan One Who Looks Attractive 100 Views
Balamurugan Young Lord Murugan 111 Views
Balan Youthful 103 Views
Balanath Lord Of Strength 118 Views
Balar Strength 116 Views
Balaraj Strong 124 Views
Balaram Brother Of Krishna 100 Views
Balaravi The Morning Sun 111 Views
Balark The Rising Sun 125 Views
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We have compiled a list of popular, trendy, and unique Hindu baby boy names that are sure to bring happiness to your child and family. As we all know, children are a joyous event in the life of any family. And while choosing a baby name is a very personal choice, there are some good names that are universally loved by Hindus. So if you are pregnant and wondering what Hindu baby boy names might suit your family. So, check our list of names and find the best name.