Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Total 50 Names
Abeer fragrance, perfume, scent 136 Views
Abharan jewel 121 Views
Abhay brave, fearless 71 Views
Abheek fearless 89 Views
Abheer cow herd 71 Views
Abhi bold, audacious, fearless, venturesome 77 Views
Abhibhava overpowering 116 Views
Abhichandra moon like face 110 Views
Abhidi radiant, radial, fulgent 136 Views
Abhihita expression 108 Views
Abhijat noble 125 Views
Abhijaya conquest 114 Views
Abhijit victorious 101 Views
Abhijvala blazing forth 92 Views
Abhik dear, beloved, darling, sweetheart, favorite 127 Views
Abhilash wish 108 Views
Abhimand gladdening 127 Views
Abhimani full of pride 110 Views
Abhimanyu son of arjuna 98 Views
Abhimanyusuta son of abhimanyu 109 Views
Abhimoda joy 115 Views
Abhinabhas renowned 81 Views
Abhinanda to rejoice 105 Views
Abhinandan congratulation 91 Views
Abhinandana felicitous 112 Views
Abhinatha lord of desires 105 Views
Abhinav brand new 119 Views
Abhinava new 97 Views
Abhinivesh desire 113 Views
Abhiraam pleasing 86 Views
Abhiraj fearless king 104 Views
Abhirath great charioteer 93 Views
Abhirup handsome 115 Views
Abhisar companion 102 Views
Abhishek ritual 108 Views
Abhisoka passionate 102 Views
Abhisumat radiant 103 Views
Abhisyanta splendid 93 Views
Abhivaadan greeting 97 Views
Abhivanth royal salute 98 Views
Abhivira surrounded by heroes 131 Views
Abhra cloud 111 Views
Abhrakasin with clouds for shelter 84 Views
Abhu unborn 112 Views
Abhyagni towards the fire 94 Views
Abhyudaya luck 98 Views
Abhyudita elevated 109 Views
Abimanyu arjuna's son 105 Views
Abir perfume 242 Views
Abivanth royal salute 100 Views

Looking for a beautiful and unique Hindu baby boy names starting with A. Check out the list of names starting with A! If you want a unique name that will represent your child well in Hinduism, then these names are perfect options. Some of the names on this list are traditional, while others are a bit more modern. Whatever name you choose, make sure you enjoy giving it to your new baby boy!