Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With I

Total 50 Names
Icchaka Granting Desire, Wish, Want, Will,… 106 Views
Ichaa Desire 96 Views
Ichchha Desire, Wish, Want, Will, Yearning 82 Views
Ichik Voluntary 110 Views
Idaspati God Of Rain 96 Views
Idhant Luminous 96 Views
Idhma Sacrificial Fuel 141 Views
Idris Fiery Lord 132 Views
Iham Expected 127 Views
Ijay Lord Vishnu 101 Views
Ijjva Sacrifice 85 Views
Ijya Worthy Of Worship 107 Views
Iksana Sight 88 Views
Ikshan Sight 101 Views
Ikshana Sight 95 Views
Ikshit Desired 102 Views
Ikshu Sugarcane 102 Views
Ikshudhanva Sugarcane As Bow 129 Views
Iksu Sweet 103 Views
Ikvala Prosperity 103 Views
Ikya Union 97 Views
Ilanko Surface Of The Land, Earth,… 79 Views
Ilashpasti Lord Of The Earth 107 Views
Ilaspada Foot Of The Land, Earth,… 98 Views
Ilesh Lord Of Earth 98 Views
Ilisa King Of The Earth 113 Views
Ilya The Lord Is My God 114 Views
Iman Name Of Raga 111 Views
Ina Lord Surya 99 Views
Inakanta Beloved Of Sun 107 Views
Inan Sun 107 Views
Inas Capable 80 Views
Inbanathan Happy 88 Views
Inderjit Congueror Of Indra 95 Views
Inderpal Protector Of Indra 81 Views
Indesvara Lord Of The Moon 114 Views
Indhindhira Large Bee 90 Views
Indivar Blue Lotus 101 Views
Indivara Blessing 108 Views
Indiya Knowledgeable 89 Views
Indra Excellent 101 Views
Indraarjun Bright And Brave Indra 98 Views
Indradatta Gift Of Indra 114 Views
Indradu Desire, Wish, Want, Will, Yearningd… 106 Views
Indradutt Gift Of Indra 85 Views
Indradyumn Splendour Of Indra 104 Views
Indraja Born Of Indra 127 Views
Indrajal Net Of Indra 119 Views
Indrajala Net Of Indra 105 Views
Indrajeet Lord Indra 92 Views

Hindu baby boy names starting with the letter I. These names are sure to please parents of all faiths. On this page, we explore these unique baby boy names and give you a few ideas on how you can bring them into your family. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Hindu name or something a little different, these options will fit the bill. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing the list!