Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With J

Total 50 Names
Jabbar Peasant 97 Views
Jadhav A Yadava 95 Views
Jadhava Descendant Of Jadu 70 Views
Jag jeevan Life Of The World 95 Views
Jagacandra Universal Moon 90 Views
Jagachandra Moon Of The Universe 104 Views
Jagad Universe 98 Views
Jagadanand Lord Chaitanya'S Associate 90 Views
Jagadayu Life Spring Of The Universe 78 Views
Jagadeep Light Of The World 75 Views
Jagadev Lord Of The World 88 Views
Jagadeva Lord Of The World 87 Views
Jagadhish Lord Of The World 76 Views
Jagadip Lamp Of The Universe 90 Views
Jagadisa King Of The Universe 86 Views
Jagadish Lord Of The Universe 82 Views
Jagadisha God 81 Views
Jagajeet Conquerer Of The World 93 Views
Jagajeevan Life Of The World 96 Views
Jagajiva Life Of The World 100 Views
Jagamohana Attracts The World 85 Views
Jagan Universe 91 Views
Jaganmay Spread Over The Universe 127 Views
Jagannath Lord Of The Universe 95 Views
Jaganu Flames 79 Views
Jagat The Universe 91 Views
Jagata Of The World 83 Views
Jagatbehari World Traveler 94 Views
Jagatguru Preceptor Of The World 102 Views
Jagath The Universe 89 Views
Jagathi The Land, Earth, Ground, Soil,… 88 Views
Jagati Of The Universe 75 Views
Jagatkishor World Child 104 Views
Jagatpal Caretaker Of The World 89 Views
Jagatprabhu God Of The World 107 Views
Jagatprakash Light Of The World 91 Views
Jagatveer Bravest In The World 105 Views
Jagdeep Light Of The Universe 91 Views
Jagdeo God Of The World 100 Views
Jagdish King Of The World 94 Views
Jagesa King Of The World 85 Views
Jagesh Lord Of The Universe 98 Views
Jagger Strong 76 Views
Jagjeet Winner Of The World 80 Views
Jagjeevan Worldly Life 84 Views
Jagjit Winner Of The World 122 Views
Jagmeet Friend Of The World 89 Views
Jagmi Wind 92 Views
Jagmohan One Who Attracts The World 96 Views
Jazgish Lord Of The Universe 88 Views

Hindu baby boy names starting with J are some of the most popular names in the Hindu faith. Why? Because they represent strength, power and courage. When choosing a baby boy name that starts with J, you can be sure that he will grow up to be a strong man, who will stand up for what he believes in.