Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Total 50 Names
Labh Gain, Profit 45 Views
Lagan Appropriate Time 61 Views
Lahar Wave, Lai-The Dear, Beloved, Darling,… 50 Views
Lakhan Lord Rama’S Brother 71 Views
Laksh Aim 56 Views
Lakshan Aim 59 Views
Lakshanya One Who Achieves 67 Views
Lakshin With Auspicious Marks 61 Views
Lakshman Lord Ram'S Brother 67 Views
Lakshmi Wealth 82 Views
Lakshmibanta Fortunate 61 Views
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu 86 Views
Lakshmigopal Lord Vishnu 58 Views
Lakshmikant Vishnu 59 Views
Lakshmikanta Lord Vishnu 54 Views
Lakshminath Lord Vishnu 66 Views
Lakshmipati Husband Of Lakshmi 70 Views
Lakshmiraman Lord Vishnu 62 Views
Lakshya Aim 71 Views
Lakshyan Aim 60 Views
Lal Lovely 68 Views
Lalam Jewel 64 Views
Lalamani Ruby 68 Views
Lalan Nurturing 52 Views
Lalchand Red Moon 54 Views
Lalchandra Red Moon 77 Views
Lalit Lovely 66 Views
Lalitaditya Beautiful Sun 60 Views
Lalitchandra Beautiful Moon 61 Views
Lalitesh God Of Beauty 55 Views
Lalitkishore Beautiful 58 Views
Lalitkumar Beautiful 53 Views
Lalitlochan One With Beautiful Eyes 55 Views
Lalitmohan Beautiful And Attractive 51 Views
Laniban Lord Shiva 66 Views
Larraj A Sage 60 Views
Lav Son Of Lord Rama 58 Views
Lavana Handsome 67 Views
Lavanya Beauty 71 Views
Lavitra Lord Shiva 56 Views
Laxman Lord Rama'S Brother 69 Views
Laxmikant Lord Vishnu 61 Views
Laya Music 56 Views
Layak Capable 66 Views
Lekh Contribution 54 Views
Liladhar Lord Vishnu 67 Views
Linga God Shiva 67 Views
Lingam God Sivan 59 Views
Lochan Bright Eyes 56 Views
Loganathan Power Boy 59 Views

If you’re looking for names that start with the letter ‘L’, you’re in the right place. In Hinduism, the letter ‘L’ stands for Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, good fortune and prosperity. Here are some of the best Hindu baby boy names starting with the letter ‘L’.