Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Total 50 Names
Madan Delightful 92 Views
Madana God Of Love 88 Views
Madanagopala Handsome Cow-Herd 85 Views
Madanapal Lord Of Love 90 Views
Madanapala King Of Love 91 Views
Madangopal Lord Krishna 78 Views
Madanmohan Attractive And Lovable 97 Views
Maderu Worthy Of Praise 98 Views
Madesh Lord Shiva 87 Views
Madhav Another Name Of Krishna 96 Views
Madhava Krishhna 86 Views
Madhavadasa Devoted To Krishna 89 Views
Madhavan Lord Krishna 83 Views
Madhavdas Servant Of Lord Krishna 109 Views
Madhu Honey 90 Views
Madhu mangal Krishna’'S Friend 110 Views
Madhu pandit Lord Chaitanya'S Associate 99 Views
Madhuban Lord Vishnu 104 Views
Madhuchanda Honey Moon 104 Views
Madhuja Made Of Honey 85 Views
Madhuk A Honeybee 87 Views
Madhuka Coloured Like Honey 81 Views
Madhukant Moon 86 Views
Madhukanta The Moon 88 Views
Madhukantha With A Sweet Voice 73 Views
Madhukar A Bee 83 Views
Madhukara Bee 77 Views
Madhula Sweet 104 Views
Madhumay Consisting Of Honey 90 Views
Madhumaya Made Of Honey 108 Views
Madhup A Bee 96 Views
Madhupa Drinking Sweetness 87 Views
Madhur Melodious 97 Views
Madhura Sweet 81 Views
Madhuram Sweet 122 Views
Madhusoodan Name Of Lord Krishna 80 Views
Madhusudan Lord Krishna 88 Views
Madhusudana Destroyer Of Madhu 82 Views
Madhusudhana Destroyer Of Madhu 106 Views
Madin Delightful 115 Views
Madur A Bird 107 Views
Madura Bird 77 Views
Magadh Son Of Yadu 102 Views
Magadha From Magadha 91 Views
Magan Engrossed 106 Views
Magh Name Of A Hindu Month 104 Views
Mahabahu Arjuna 78 Views
Mahabala Great Strength 97 Views
Mahabali Of Great Power 88 Views
Mahadeva The Great God 78 Views

Looking for Hindu baby boy names starting with M? You are in the right place! This list contains some popular Hindu baby boy names starting with M, along with their meanings and origins. Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned parent, this list will have a name that fits your family’s needs.