Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Total 50 Names
Nabendu New Moon 73 Views
Nabha The Heart Center 101 Views
Nabhanyu Eternal 80 Views
Nabhas Sky 95 Views
Nabhasa Celestial 104 Views
Nabhi Centre Of Body 115 Views
Nabhij Lord Brahama 88 Views
Nabhith Fearless 94 Views
Nabhoj Born In Sky 109 Views
Nabhomani Jewel Of The Sky 93 Views
Nabhya Lord Shiva 84 Views
Nachiket Son Of Vajashravas 109 Views
Nachiketa An Ancient Rishi 100 Views
Nachiketan Fire, Conflagration, Passion, Lust 92 Views
Nadal Fortunate 116 Views
Nadeen Ocean 124 Views
Nadeesh God Of River 102 Views
Nadin Lord Of Rivers 99 Views
Nadinatha The Lord Of Rivers 94 Views
Nadipati The Lord Of Rivers 100 Views
Nadir Pinnacle 96 Views
Nadish Ocean 91 Views
Nadisha The Lord Of Rivers 97 Views
Nag A Big Serpent 118 Views
Nagaraj Lord Shiva 93 Views
Nagarin Lord Of A Town 103 Views
Nagarjun An Ancient Philosopher 92 Views
Nagdhar One Who Wears Cobra 105 Views
Nagendra King Of The Serpents 86 Views
Nagesh Cosmic Serpent 114 Views
Nagesha Lord Of Serpents 93 Views
Nageshwaran Lord Snake 105 Views
Naggar Lord Krishna 107 Views
Nagpal Saviour Of Serpents 84 Views
Nagraaj King Of The Serpents 91 Views
Nahush Name Of An Ancient King 91 Views
Nahusha A Mythological King 73 Views
Naimish nairit South-West 103 Views
Nairit South West 99 Views
Naivya New 114 Views
Nakadhipa Overlord Of Heaven 89 Views
Nakanatha The Lord Of Heaven 95 Views
Nakapati Lord Of Heaven 104 Views
Nakesh Moon 91 Views
Nakesha Lord Of Heaven 101 Views
Nakhraj Moon 80 Views
Naksatraraja King Of Stars 102 Views
Nakshatra Star 90 Views
Nakula Mongoose 81 Views
Nalah Stem 116 Views

Hindu baby boy names starting with N are always popular choices. Whether you’re a first-time parent looking for a unique and unique name or want to give your little one a familiar name, these names are a great option. Naming your son after Indra, the Hindu god of the sky, is a great way to show your support for his interests and values. Or consider naming one of the many other popular Hindu baby boy names starting with N.