Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Total 38 Names
Ogan Wave, Assembled, United 81 Views
Ogana United 96 Views
Oha Meditation, True Knowledge 94 Views
Ohas Praise 90 Views
Ohm Primordial Sound 97 Views
Ojaay Exhibit Strength, Energy 125 Views
Ojal Splendour 110 Views
Ojas Lustre 129 Views
Ojasvaan Energetic, Vigorous, Powerful 102 Views
Ojasvat Vigorous, Powertul, Strong 108 Views
Ojasvee Brave 93 Views
Ojasvi Brave 106 Views
Ojasvin Mighty, Splendid, Powerful 88 Views
Ojayit Courageous 94 Views
Om Creation, Omkar 112 Views
Oma Life Giver 113 Views
Oman- Giver Of Life, Friend, Protector 110 Views
Omanand Joy Of Om 103 Views
Omar An Era 101 Views
Omesa Lord Of Om 101 Views
Omesh Lord Of The Om 96 Views
Omeshwar Lord Of The Om 96 Views
Omja Born Of Cosmic Unity, Oneness,… 110 Views
Omkaar Sound Of The Sacred Syllable 87 Views
Omkant Add Meaning 127 Views
Omkar Primordial Sound 101 Views
Omkara An Auspicious Beginning 85 Views
Omkaranatha Lord Of Om 86 Views
Omkarnath Lord Of Omkaar 113 Views
Omnarayan Lord Shiva - Vishnu 92 Views
Ompati Master Of Om 83 Views
Omprakash Light Of God, Sacred Light 98 Views
Omsri Devotional 96 Views
Omswaroop Manifestation Of Divinity 91 Views
Oni Shelter 129 Views
Oojam Enthusiasm 93 Views
Oorjit Powertul 95 Views
Orion Son Of Fire 97 Views

Hindu baby boy names starting with O are sure to make parents proud. From Ojaay to Orion, these names will inspire parental love and provide a strong foundation for your child’s future. Carefully selected by our team of experts, these names will create a sense of heritage and roots for your little one. So why wait? Try one of these names today!