Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With V

Total 50 Names
Vachaspati Lord Of Speech 80 Views
Vadanya Generous 75 Views
Vadhan Face 133 Views
Vadhuli The Son Of Vishwamithra 79 Views
Vadin Speaker 96 Views
Vadish Lord Of The Body 109 Views
Vageesh Lord Of Speech 88 Views
Vagindra Lord Of Speech 79 Views
Vagisa Master Of Speech 91 Views
Vagish God Of Speech 97 Views
Vagisha Master Of Speech 95 Views
Vagmin Eloquent 106 Views
Vahin Lord Shiva 94 Views
Vaibhav Glorious 96 Views
Vaibhava Grandeur 79 Views
Vaideha Of Videhas 98 Views
Vaidya Doctor 89 Views
Vaidyanaath Master Of Medicines 105 Views
Vaijayi Victor 78 Views
Vaikartan Name Of Karna 104 Views
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu 111 Views
Vaikuntanath Master Of Heavens 99 Views
Vaikunth Abode Of Lord Krishna 103 Views
Vaikuntha The Savior 97 Views
Vainavin Lord Shiva 67 Views
Vairagi Dispassionate 93 Views
Vairaj Spiritual Glory 86 Views
Vairaja Son Of Virat 81 Views
Vairat Gem 87 Views
Vairinchya Lord Brahma’S Son 100 Views
Vairochan An Ancient Name 75 Views
Vaisak A Season 80 Views
Vaishant Quiet And Shining Star 71 Views
Vaishnav Follower Of Vishnu 91 Views
Vaishwaanar Omnipresent 84 Views
Vaiwaswat One Of The Saints 88 Views
Vajasani Lord Vishnu'S Son 95 Views
Vajendra Lord Indra 82 Views
Vajraang Diamond Bodied 109 Views
Vajrabaahu One With Strong Arms 85 Views
Vajradhar Lord Indra 99 Views
Vajrahast Lord Shiva 85 Views
Vajrajit Lord Indra 82 Views
Vajrakaya Sturdy Like Metal 94 Views
Vajraksha Eyes Like Diamonds 69 Views
Vajramani Diamond 97 Views
Vajran Adamant 87 Views
Vajranandha Lord Krishna 86 Views
Vajranath Lord Indra 96 Views
Vajrapaani Holder Of Rocks 94 Views

Looking for a Hindu baby boy name starting with V? Check out the list of top cute Hindu baby boy names starting with V! These names are perfect for those who are looking for a unique and special name for their newborn son. Whether you’re looking for traditional Hindu names or something more modern.