Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

Total 50 Names
Yadav Krishna 59 Views
Yadavendra Lord Krishna 52 Views
Yadhava chandra Krishna 52 Views
Yadhavendra Sri Krishna 60 Views
Yadheswar Lord At Yadhagiri 52 Views
Yadhgiri Famous Piligramage 63 Views
Yadhu mithra Friend Of Yadhus Krishna 80 Views
Yadhu simha Krishna 99 Views
Yadhunath Sri Krishna 60 Views
Yadu An Ancient King 59 Views
Yadunath Lord Krishna 55 Views
Yaduraj Lord Krishna 59 Views
Yaduvir Lord Krishna 60 Views
Yaekanth Only The One 50 Views
Yagapreeth Who Loves Yoga 54 Views
Yagna Ceremonial Rites To God 60 Views
Yagnash Lord Of The Yagna 67 Views
Yagnesh Ganesh 51 Views
Yagnya prabhu Lord Of Yagna 58 Views
Yagya Hawan 61 Views
Yagyasen Name Of King Drupad 59 Views
Yaj A Sage 57 Views
Yaja Worshipper 50 Views
Yajamana Worshipping 53 Views
Yajat Lord Shiva 71 Views
Yajata Worthy Of Worship 56 Views
Yajati Worthy Of Worship 67 Views
Yajna Fire Offering 61 Views
Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu 58 Views
Yajnarup Lord Krishna 70 Views
Yaju The Yajur Veda 68 Views
Yaksha A Sister Of Daksha 58 Views
Yakshapathy Kubera 59 Views
Yakshu raj Kubera 63 Views
Yama The God Of Death 68 Views
Yamahil Lord Vishnu 68 Views
Yamajit Lord Shiva 60 Views
Yamal Twin 59 Views
Yamala Twin 55 Views
Yamaraj King Of Death 64 Views
Yamesa Having Yama As King 78 Views
Yamha Dove 65 Views
Yamir Moon 52 Views
Yarish chandra A Famous Maharshi 65 Views
Yasaskara Victorious 70 Views
Yashas Fame 60 Views
Yashaschandra Glowing With Fame 56 Views
Yashasvi Attained Famous 65 Views
Yashmit Famed 57 Views
Yasho athi Famous 63 Views

Hindu baby boy names start with the letter Y! If you are looking for a name that is unique and will reflect your Hindu heritage, you have come to the right place. On this page, we provide you with a list of names starting with Y and explain their meanings. We hope you find this post helpful, and that you enjoy choosing your baby boy’s name!