Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Total 44 Names
Babitha Daughter 49 Views
Badari Jujube Tree 55 Views
Badharika Name Of A Goddess 65 Views
Bageshri An Indian Musical Raag 55 Views
Bahugandha One With Lot Of Scent 53 Views
Baidehi Sita 82 Views
Baijanti Name Of Flower 74 Views
Baijayanthi Garland Of Lord Vishnu 65 Views
Baijayanti Flag 66 Views
Bairavi Goddess Durga 75 Views
Baisakhi Of The Month Baishakh 62 Views
Baishali,vaishali An Ancient City 74 Views
Bakuli Resembles A Crane 68 Views
Balanandhini Affectionate 82 Views
Baleswari Parvathi 69 Views
Ballari Creeper 66 Views
Banamala Forests 63 Views
Banani Forests 62 Views
Bandana Worship 72 Views
Bandhula Charming 77 Views
Bandhura Pretty 74 Views
Banhi Fire 62 Views
Banhishikha Flame 63 Views
Bani Goddess Saraswati 72 Views
Banita Woman 66 Views
Banjani Kids Greeting 71 Views
Banmala A Garland Of Wild Flowers 63 Views
Banni Maiden 77 Views
Bansari Flute 69 Views
Bansi Whistle 62 Views
Bansuri Flute 53 Views
Barkha Rain 74 Views
Barsha Rain 80 Views
Baruni Goddess Durga 65 Views
Basabi Wite Of Lord Indra 78 Views
Basanti Of Spring 64 Views
Bavishya Future 61 Views
Beena A Musical Instrument 73 Views
Bela Evening Time 68 Views
Belli Silver 78 Views
Bhachendhri Famous Name 75 Views
Bhadra Gentle 76 Views
Bhadrakali Auspicious Kali 74 Views
Bhadrapriya Auspicious 70 Views

Do you want to give your baby a unique Hindu name that starts with the letter B?

Well, we’ve got you covered! on this page, we’ll list the top 39+ Hindu baby girl names that start with the letter B. From beautiful names like Barsha to popular choices like Bhadrakali, we’ve got something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a unique name to call your daughter or just want to explore some new Hindu baby girl names, be sure to check out this page!