Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Total 41 Names
Fagun Holy Month In Spring 60 Views
Faina Crown Or Garland 55 Views
Fakhata A Good Sparkle Of Dust 49 Views
Faleesha Indian Tulip 71 Views
Falgunee Day Of Full Moon 74 Views
Falika Tulip Tree 62 Views
Falini Bearing Fruit, A Species Of… 71 Views
Falisha Happiness, Lucky 59 Views
Falita A Menstruous Woman 56 Views
Faloni In Charge 69 Views
Fanan Branch Of A Tree 58 Views
Fanee Serpent 61 Views
Faneendra Beautiful 67 Views
Faneeshwar King Of Serpents 53 Views
Fanya Young Deer 55 Views
Farva To Roam Around 56 Views
Fatina Captivating 56 Views
Fazeela Faithful 53 Views
Feeza Nature 60 Views
Felicy Happiness 60 Views
Fellah Arabian Jasmine 56 Views
Femina Female 74 Views
Fenal Angel Of Beauty, Lovely, Pulchritude,… 61 Views
Feni Sweet 49 Views
Fenny Smart 69 Views
Feral Meaning Unknown 68 Views
Fereshteh Angel 55 Views
Ferin Meaning Unknown 57 Views
Feshikha Princess 75 Views
Finiashwari Wonderful 73 Views
Firaki Fragrance 56 Views
Foolan Flowering 66 Views
Fulgitha Flower 67 Views
Fuli To Bloom Like A Flower 64 Views
Fulki Spark 90 Views
Fullan Blooming 61 Views
Fullara Wife Of Kalketu 56 Views
Fulmala Garland 58 Views
Fulmati Queen Of Flowers 69 Views
Fulmoti Beautiful Like Flower 59 Views
Fultushi Common Name 68 Views

If you’re looking for a traditional Hindu baby girl name that starts with F,

here are a few options to consider. Hindu girls are often given names that represent their character and qualities, so choosing a name that starts with F is a good way to do this. Additionally, these names are easy to pronounce and can be used in a variety of contexts. Give one of these Hindu baby girl names a try and see how you feel about it!