Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Total 46 Names
Gagana The Sky 82 Views
Gaganadipak The Lamp Of The Sky 103 Views
Gaganasindhu Ocean Of The Sky 91 Views
Gajagamini Majestic 91 Views
Gajara Garland Of Flowers 100 Views
Gajra A String Of Flowers 72 Views
Gamati With A Flexible Mind 78 Views
Ganda Knot 99 Views
Gandha Fragrant 75 Views
Gandhali Fragrance Of Flower 83 Views
Gandhara Fragrance 86 Views
Gandhari From Gandhara City 109 Views
Gandharika Preparing Perfume 99 Views
Gandharvi Parvathi 106 Views
Gandhini Fragrant 112 Views
Ganesa Good Luck 85 Views
Gangamata Great Devotee Of The Lord 90 Views
Gangi Goddess Durga 106 Views
Gangotri Sacred River Of India 78 Views
Ganika Flower 92 Views
Ganita Regarded 102 Views
Ganitha Regarded 91 Views
Ganjan Exceding 93 Views
Garati Virtuous Woman 87 Views
Gargi Name Of A Learned Woman 109 Views
Garima Warmth 119 Views
Garuda Eagle 86 Views
Gathika Song 76 Views
Gati Speed 79 Views
Gatita A River 80 Views
Gatravati Story 110 Views
Gauhar A Pearl 78 Views
Gaura A Fair Woman 103 Views
Gaurangi Beautiful 108 Views
Gauravi Goddess 103 Views
Gauri A Fair Woman 94 Views
Gaurideepa Which Lightens 85 Views
Gauriganga Form Of Goddess 93 Views
Gaurija Goddess 88 Views
Gaurika Pretty Young Girl 85 Views
Gauripranaya Beautiful 72 Views
Gauripriva Goddess 87 Views
Gautami River Godavari 120 Views
Gayana Singing 85 Views
Gayanthika Singing 86 Views
Gayantika Singing 91 Views

Hindu baby girl names starting with G are perfect for families who are looking for names that are both traditional and modern.

Some of the most popular Hindu baby girl names starting with G include Geeta, Gauri, and Geetha. These names are sure to be popular with parents, and they will sound lovely when spoken aloud by your little one.