Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Total 43 Names
Ibhi Female Elephant 86 Views
Ichcha Desire 92 Views
Ichita Desired 91 Views
Ida Prosperous 81 Views
Idaline Prosperous 129 Views
Idavida Scholar 83 Views
Idha Insight 97 Views
Idhaya Heart 94 Views
Idhika Another Name For Parvathi 92 Views
Idhitri One Who Praises 118 Views
Idika The Earth 84 Views
Iditri Complimentary 95 Views
Iha Wish 97 Views
Ijaya Sacrifice 93 Views
Iksa Sight 94 Views
Iksha Sight 113 Views
Ikshita Visible 91 Views
Ikshitha Visible 79 Views
Ikshula Holy River 97 Views
Ikshumalvi Sweet 96 Views
Ikshumiti Sweet 85 Views
Iksura Fragrant Grass 76 Views
Ila Earth 104 Views
Ilamayil Young Peacock 88 Views
Ilampirai Young Crescent 84 Views
Ilangodi Tender Vine 90 Views
Ilanila Moon Crescent 83 Views
Ilavalagi Young And Beautiful 85 Views
Ilavarasi Princess 90 Views
Ilavenil Spring 80 Views
Imani Trustworthy 97 Views
Imarti A Kind Of Sweet 98 Views
Inani Parvati 79 Views
Tha The Land, Earth 98 Views
Thina Cheer 103 Views
Thita Desir 115 Views
Thitha Desired 152 Views
Tjika Brush 100 Views
Tla Land, Earth, World 82 Views
Tlakkiya A Classic 95 Views
Tlanangai Youthful Girl 110 Views
Tlisa Queen Of Earth 84 Views
Tlisha Queen Of The Earth 88 Views

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