Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Total 48 Names
Jabala Powertful 108 Views
Jagadamba Mother Of The World 80 Views
Jagadambika Goddess Durga 73 Views
Jaganmata Mother Of The World 81 Views
Jaganmayee Goddess Lakshmi 97 Views
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga 115 Views
Jagavi Born Of The World 96 Views
Jagrati Awakening 93 Views
Jagriti Vigilance 96 Views
Jagruti Awareness 87 Views
Jagvi Worldly 107 Views
Jahanara Queen Of The World 90 Views
Jaheel Lake 90 Views
Jahnavi River Ganga 108 Views
Jahnu Fre, Conflagration, Passion, Lust 99 Views
Jahnvi River Ganga 118 Views
Jailekha A Record Of Victory 108 Views
Jaimala Garland Of Victory 98 Views
Jaiman Victorious 102 Views
Jaimathi Victorious Mind 93 Views
Jaimini Victory 81 Views
Jaina Good Character 140 Views
Jaipriva Beloved Of Victory 80 Views
Jaiprivya Dear, Beloved, Darling, Sweetheart, Favorite… 83 Views
Jaishila Character Of Victory 104 Views
Jaishree Honour Of Victory 92 Views
Jaisudha Nectar Of Victory 82 Views
Jaitashri Name Of A Music Raaga 86 Views
Jaivanti Long Lived 112 Views
Jaiwanti Victory 100 Views
Jala Elucidation 78 Views
Jalabala A River 93 Views
Jaladhi Treasure Of Water 79 Views
Jaladhija Goddess Laxmi 108 Views
Jalahasini Smile Of Water 79 Views
Jalaja Goddess Of Wealth 90 Views
Jalajakshi Jasmine 103 Views
Jalanhili As Blue As Water 82 Views
Jalanili Blue As The Water 97 Views
Jalbala Lotus Flower 71 Views
Jalela Goddess Of Water 107 Views
Jalpa Discussion 90 Views
Jalsa Celebration 166 Views
Jama Daughter 102 Views
Jambalini Virgin Of The Water 92 Views
Jami Supplanter 121 Views
Jamini Night 74 Views
Jamna Indian River 81 Views

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