Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Total 44 Names
Labhya Accessible 45 Views
Laboni Graceful 61 Views
Labonita Graceful 65 Views
Labuki Musical Instrument 56 Views
Ladhi Sangeet 53 Views
Ladli Loved One 56 Views
Laghima Goddess Parvathi 63 Views
Laghuvi Tender 67 Views
Lahari Waves 71 Views
Lajita Modest 70 Views
Lajja Modesty 61 Views
Lajjawati A Sensitive Plant 62 Views
Lajvanti Touch Me Not' Plant 63 Views
Lajvati Shy 63 Views
Lajwanti Modest 70 Views
Lajwati Modest 61 Views
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi 61 Views
Laksha Aim 63 Views
Lakshaki Goddess Sita 56 Views
Lakshana Symbol 63 Views
Lakshita Distinguished 72 Views
Lakshmishree Fortunate 85 Views
Lalana A Beautiful Woman 67 Views
Lalasa Love 59 Views
Lali Blushing 65 Views
Lalika A Slender 56 Views
Lalima Beauty 63 Views
Lalita Beautiful Woman 56 Views
Lalitambika Lovely 61 Views
Lalitamohana Attractive 61 Views
Lalitha Elegant 54 Views
Lalli Blush 71 Views
Lamba Flame 58 Views
Laranya Good Laxmi 54 Views
Lasa Birthmark 61 Views
Lasaki Sita 57 Views
Lasya Grace, Favor 58 Views
Lata Creeper 56 Views
Latakara Mass Of Creepers 59 Views
Latangi Slim Girl 54 Views
Latha A Creeper 68 Views
Latika Related To Rose 51 Views
Lavali Clove 51 Views
Lavangi An Angel 77 Views

Hindu baby girl names starting with L can be very beautiful and exotic.

Many parents are looking for unique and interesting names for their daughters, and these names fit the bill. Here are 40 popular Hindu baby girl names starting with L.