Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Total 21 Names
Oditi Dawn 63 Views
Oja Vitality 72 Views
Ojasvini Energetic 70 Views
Ojaswini Lustrous 76 Views
Okya Vision 55 Views
Olikodi Brilliant 62 Views
Omaja Result Of Spiritual Unity 60 Views
Omala Land, Earth, Ground, Soil, World 66 Views
Omana A Woman 55 Views
Omisha Goddess Of Birth & 66 Views
Omkareshwari Goddess Parvati 57 Views
Omna Pious 55 Views
Omvati Sacred 71 Views
Onella Light 57 Views
Opal Opal 62 Views
Opale Jewel, Gem, Pearl 52 Views
Opalina Jewel, Gem, Pearl 60 Views
Opaline Jewel, Gem, Pear] 61 Views
Orpita Offering 66 Views
Osadhi Medication 54 Views
Oshadhi Medicine 51 Views

Hindu baby girl names starting with O might just be the perfect fit for you!

Do you want to give your little girl a name that is unique and different? These names are often associated with the Hindu faith, but they can be used by any family who wants a name that is special and unique. Plus, these names are sure to be popular in the future, as they are currently becoming more and more popular among parents.