Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Total 47 Names
Rabia Famous Woman Saint 131 Views
Rachana Creation 108 Views
Rachika Creator 105 Views
Rachita Created 106 Views
Rachna Construction 94 Views
Raddhi Love 93 Views
Radha Lord Krishna'S Lover 106 Views
Radhana Speech 106 Views
Radhani Worship 98 Views
Raga Harmonious 93 Views
Ragamaya Tull Of Passion 91 Views
Rageshwari Goddess Of Melody 112 Views
Rageswari Goddess Of Melody 93 Views
Ragi Loving 102 Views
Ragini Melody 151 Views
Raima Pleasing 113 Views
Rajakanya Princess 120 Views
Rajakumari Princess 106 Views
Rajalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi 106 Views
Rajanigandha Night Blossoming Flower 123 Views
Rajashree Royalty 120 Views
Rajashri Royalty 111 Views
Rajasi Worthy Of A King 106 Views
Rajasri Grandeur 107 Views
Rajata Silver 113 Views
Rajavi Royal Bird 117 Views
Rajdulari Dear Princess 97 Views
Rajeshri Queen 106 Views
Rajeshwari Goddess Parvati 126 Views
Rajhansa Swan 99 Views
Raji Shining 138 Views
Rajika Lamp 122 Views
Rajinder King Indra 113 Views
Rajita Bright 114 Views
Rajitha Illuminated 91 Views
Rajkumari Princess 115 Views
Rajnandhini Princess 104 Views
Rajnandini Princess 94 Views
Rajni Night 117 Views
Rajshri Sage 123 Views
Rajul Brilliant 153 Views
Rajyalakshmi Wealth Of A State 107 Views
Raka Full Moon 95 Views
Rakhi Bond Of Protection 91 Views
Raksha Protection 110 Views
Rakshasamardini Destroyer Of Demons 112 Views
Rakshee To Guard 88 Views

Looking for Hindu baby girl names that start with R?

You’re in the right place! On this page, we’ll take a look at the best Hindu baby girl names that start with R. From Rabia to Rakshee, these names are perfect for those seeking a unique name choice. We also have a list of Hindu baby girl names that start with S, T, and U, so be sure to check them out!