Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With U

Total 41 Names
Udaramati Noble Minded 55 Views
Udarata Honesty 58 Views
Udbhasini Shining Forth 52 Views
Udbhuti Coming Forth 54 Views
Uddipti Excited 58 Views
Udipta Fire 69 Views
Udvahni Gleaming 58 Views
Udyati Elevated 59 Views
Ugra Terrible 68 Views
Ugrakali Fierce And Black 57 Views
Ugrata Violence 55 Views
Ujas Bright 63 Views
Ujhala Light 67 Views
Ujithra Light 61 Views
Ujjayati One Who Has Won 55 Views
Ujjayini An Ancient City 62 Views
Ujjiti Victory 64 Views
Ujjivati Brought To Life 75 Views
Ujjwala Bright 64 Views
Ujjwala/ujvala Bright 71 Views
Ujvala Bright 50 Views
Ukta Addressed 55 Views
Ukti Part Of Speech 58 Views
Ulka Meteorite 60 Views
Ullupi Pretty Face 64 Views
Ulupi Wife Of Arjuna 57 Views
Ulupya Pretty Face 56 Views
Uma Goddess 55 Views
Umika Goddess Parvati 64 Views
Unma Joy 57 Views
Unnathi Progressive 66 Views
Unnati Progress 65 Views
Unni Lead 70 Views
Upada A Gift 55 Views
Upadhriti A Ray 67 Views
Upala Sandy Bank 62 Views
Upama Comparison 60 Views
Upasana Worship 72 Views
Upasna Worship 63 Views
Upasti Adoration 52 Views
Upma The Best 64 Views

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with Hindu baby girl names that start with the letter U.

These names embody qualities that will make your little one stand out from the crowd, and they’ll be perfect for any Hindu family. Scroll down for a list of names that start with the letter U, and be sure to check out our other blog posts for more advice on naming your baby girl.