ila Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity of This Baby Name

Ila Name Meaning

When it comes to picking a name for your little one, you want something that’s not just a name but carries a beautiful meaning too. That’s where “ila” comes in. It’s got a deep significance rooted in Sanskrit, an ancient language. This name means “Earth,” which is pretty special because it’s all about connection to nature and its nurturing vibes. In Hindu tales, ila is also known as a goddess linked with fertility and care, adding even more depth to the name.

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Ila Name Meaning & All Other Details
PersonalityNurturing, compassionate, and reliable
Career/Job OpportunityEducation, healthcare, social work
Lucky Numbers2, 6, 9
Lucky DayMonday
Lucky ColorGreen
Lucky GemstoneEmerald

ila Name Meaning and Origin

The name “ila’ is derived from the Sanskrit language that was spoken many years ago, which means Earth. The name is more meaningful when ila is depicted as a goddess in Hindu stories because she brings fertility and nurturing to the world.

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Gender and Religion

Normally, girls are given the name “ila”, which often has strong links with Hinduism. This particular appellation is often associated with parents’ cultural and religious backgrounds; they use it to wish their daughters well-being, good fortune, and prosperity in their lives.
Numerology and Personality

In numerology, “ila” is linked with the number 6. Those who bear this appellation are often seen as compassionate, benevolent, and reliable individuals. These are the people who always extend a helping hand to others and make them feel loved and supported.

Career/ Job Opportunity

ila is a name that if you have might lead you towards professions where your work could change people’s lives. Teaching, health care, and other helping professions all match well with a caring nature such as yours.

Lucky Numbers, Day, Color, and Gemstone

For ila’s lucky numbers are 2, 6 & 9. Mondays are her lucky days while green is her fortune color. And by the way for gem lovers emeralds would be great for some extra luck!


Therefore when you select the name “ila” for your child it is not just about naming him or her but it includes giving them an amazing link with nature some touch of tradition plus abundant love and care from you. Kindness compassion good things of life on earth; these are what this name represents in the future.

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