Muslim Baby Boy Names

Total 1207 Names
Abaid Worshipper Of Allah, Allah Knows 62 Views
Abaj Eternity 73 Views
Abakhtar Planet, North 78 Views
Abam Tower, Pigeon House, Fortress 151 Views
Abda Strength, Power, Strength, Force, Brave 63 Views
Abdan Power, Strength, Forceful Man 70 Views
Abdar Bright, Like Glass 76 Views
Abdeali Follower Of Ali 67 Views
Abdeel A Vapour, A Cloud Of… 98 Views
Abdeen Worshipper 159 Views
Abderrazi Adorer Of Provider 174 Views
Abderrazza Adorer Of Provider 57 Views
Abdhulla Adorer Of Allah, Allah 54 Views
Abdinatif Spectacular Tasks 68 Views
Abdirahman Adorer, Adorer Of Allah 65 Views
Abdu Lati Adorer Of Allah 72 Views
Abdul Replacements 60 Views
Abdul Adir Adorer Of Capable 69 Views
Abdul Azim Spectacular Tasks 64 Views
Abdul Aziz Adorer Of Mighty One 66 Views
Abdul Fattah Adorer, One Who Gives 53 Views
Abdul Gawad Adorer Of Magnificent One 69 Views
Abdul Hadi Adorer Of Leader 70 Views
Abdul Hakim Adorer Of Wise One 62 Views
Abdul Halim Adorer Of Patient One 63 Views
Abdul Hamid Adorer Of Praiseworthy One 125 Views
Abdul Kader Adorer Of Capable 73 Views
Abdul Kadir Adorer Of Capable 58 Views
Abdul Karim Adorer Of Generous One 78 Views
Abdul Karim Spectacular Tasks 61 Views
Abdul Lafif Adorer Of Kind One 56 Views
Abdul Majid Adorer Of Glorious One 57 Views
Abdul Malik Adorer Of King 59 Views
Abdul Matin Adorer Of Strong 50 Views
Abdul Mufi Adorer Of Donor 62 Views
Abdul Muhsin Adorer Of Charitable One 65 Views
Abdul Qadir Adorer Of Capable 62 Views
Abdul Rahim Adorer Of Compassionate 60 Views
Abdul Rahman Adorer Of Merciful 59 Views
Abdul Rashid Adorer Of Guided 64 Views
Abdul Rauf Adorer Of Compassionate 62 Views
Abdul Raziq Adorer Of Provider 71 Views
Abdul Razzaq Adorer Of Provider 56 Views
Abdul Salam Adorer Of Peace 65 Views
Abdul Sami Adorer Of All 92 Views
Abdul Wahab Adorer Of Giving 64 Views
Abdulla Adorer Of Allah 49 Views
Abdur Rahman Adorer Of Merciful 52 Views
Baddar early and on time, speedy 58 Views
Baddarudin full moon of faith 53 Views
Badee wonderful, marvellous, unique 56 Views
Badeeh wondrous 53 Views
Badeel replacement, a person who replaces 59 Views
Badeen religious, faithful 54 Views
Badela spectacular tasks 54 Views
Bader full moon 61 Views
Badhil spectacular tasks 50 Views
Badialzaman marvel of time 57 Views
Badil brave, generous 55 Views
Badilayn substitutes 76 Views
Badir shining 57 Views
Badiulalam unique in world 56 Views
Badiulla spectacular tasks 48 Views
Badiullah spectacular tasks 54 Views
Badiuz talent, genius, brilliance of time 57 Views
Badiuz zaman talent, genius, brilliance of time 68 Views
Badiuzzaman talent, genius, brilliance of time 63 Views
Badiy first, new, another name for… 60 Views
Badiyah name of a sahahiyyah 52 Views
Badr distinct, evident, plain, clear 46 Views
Badral zaman marvel of time 67 Views
Badraldin full moon of faith 46 Views
Badran spectacular tasks 58 Views
Badrawi one who is like full… 124 Views
Badre alam full moon of world 68 Views
Badrealam full moon of world 56 Views
Badri old, lord shiva, rain falls 54 Views
Badru born at full moon, full… 59 Views
Badruddeen spectacular tasks 50 Views
Badruddin moon of faith 46 Views
Badrudduja full moon of dark 47 Views
Badrudeen full moon of faith 44 Views
Badrudin full moon of faith 53 Views
Badrul spectacular tasks 54 Views
Badshah king 52 Views
Badusha spectacular tasks 101 Views
Baekhyun love allah 85 Views
Baghel ox, royal sovereign 152 Views
Baghl ox 51 Views
Bagi ever lasting, permanent, eternal 81 Views
Bagian perpetual, everlasting, firm 57 Views
Baha beautiful, magnificent 59 Views
Baha al din magnificence of faith 56 Views
Cassim lord forbid 72 Views
Cayman alligator 67 Views
Cephas a rock, stone, war leader 47 Views
Chabuk agile, clever 51 Views
Chafik sympathizing 48 Views
Chahat desire, wish, love, affection 80 Views
Chahid witness 47 Views
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Muslim baby boy names and meanings

There are many Muslim baby boy names that have beautiful meanings. Some popular names include Ahmed, meaning “one who is highly praised,” and Muhammad, meaning “the chosen one.” Other names with beautiful meanings include Hassan, meaning “handsome,” and Ali, meaning “exalted.” You can find a full list of Muslim baby boy names and their meanings on our site.