Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With E

Total 50 Names
Ebadul dynamic, bright 97 Views
Ebadullah religious one 98 Views
Ebi paternal, dark 114 Views
Ebin rock 110 Views
Ebraheem religious one 83 Views
Ebrahem from Abraham 107 Views
Ebrahim father of many nations, allah 117 Views
Ebran Variant of Ibrahim (इब्राहिम का… 771 Views
Ebrar religious one 116 Views
Ebzan religious one 93 Views
Edan full of fire, delight, fire 206 Views
Eden place of delight, pleasure 360 Views
Edin belief 180 Views
Edmark furniture 135 Views
Edrees name of prophet 196 Views
Eeda to deposit, commit, lodge 129 Views
Eehan sun 181 Views
Eeid festival, day of festivity 115 Views
Eeman faith in allah 109 Views
Eenam gift, reward 95 Views
Eeshah life 132 Views
Eeyan religious one 158 Views
Eezal religious one 104 Views
Efatul religious one 100 Views
Efaz best amazing neymar, assistant 108 Views
Efrad religious one 99 Views
Efraz height 142 Views
Eftehan religious one 176 Views
Ehab gift 110 Views
Ehad love 157 Views
Eham religious one 430 Views
Ehan full moon 106 Views
Ehfaz religious one 101 Views
Ehsan charitable, goodness, compassion 101 Views
Ehsanullah religious one 136 Views
Ehteram respect 103 Views
Ehtesham magnificent 92 Views
Ehtiram respect, high regard, honour 99 Views
Ehtisham decency, modesty 135 Views
Eid festival, day of celebration 140 Views
Eifa to keep one's promise 113 Views
Eifad to send someone on a… 157 Views
Eihab to bestow, to give freely 130 Views
Eijaz blessings 108 Views
Eiliaz religious one 135 Views
Eimam leader, chief, a variant of… 116 Views
Eiman honest loving blessings 105 Views
Eimen miracle 131 Views
Einas to feel at peace 108 Views
Eira kindling, to kindle 105 Views

Muslim Baby Boy Names That Start With The Letter E With Their Meanings.

There are many unique, modern, and beautiful Muslim baby boy names starting with E. Some of these names include Ethan: A name of Hebrew origin that means strong, Eli: A name of Hebrew origin that means my God, and Emir: A name of Arabic origin that means commander. Ethan is a strong name for a baby boy that will grow into a strong man. Emir is a name fit for a leader, someone who will be in charge and command others. Eli is a name with a religious meaning that would be perfect for a baby boy that will be raised in a Muslim household. All of these names are beautiful choices for a Muslim baby boy. Also, check the list below