Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Total 47 Names
Gafoor merciful, forgives 101 Views
Gafur invincible 145 Views
Gahez morriing 93 Views
Galal a roll or wheel, round,… 88 Views
Galeeb religious one 108 Views
Galel wave of allah 122 Views
Galib name of a great poet 112 Views
Gamal camel 99 Views
Gamaleddin tiger 110 Views
Gamali camel 100 Views
Gamall mountain, beautifiil 105 Views
Gamil tiger man, handsome, beautifiil 98 Views
Gardez religious one 131 Views
Garii gold 120 Views
Garrath gentle 177 Views
Garth rain 111 Views
Gauhar cow like, white, pearl 88 Views
Gawdat goodness, excellence 105 Views
Gayas religious one 199 Views
Gayaz religious one 181 Views
Gayazuddin religious one 116 Views
Gazali famous, mystic 108 Views
Gazi leader 105 Views
Gazish religious one 114 Views
Gaziyan religious one 103 Views
Gehad married man 116 Views
Gemail white sparrow 128 Views
Gervasius religious one 121 Views
Ghabashir twilight of morning 92 Views
Ghadeer small stream, a spring 96 Views
Ghadef one who drives a boat 92 Views
Ghadhanfar lion, king of jungle 120 Views
Ghadi early riser, one who gets… 117 Views
Ghadir a sword, pond, pool 88 Views
Ghadra dark 112 Views
Ghafar forgiving 120 Views
Ghaffar forgiving 107 Views
Ghaffari forgiver, forgiving 98 Views
Ghafir forgiver 96 Views
Ghafiri forgiving, one who pardons 85 Views
Ghafirin forgiver 95 Views
Ghafoor forgiver, merciful 135 Views
Ghafr mercy, forgiveness 115 Views
Ghafur forgiving, merciful 108 Views
Ghafuri forgiving, pardoning 128 Views
Ghaib hidden, absent, away 112 Views
Ghaidan delicate, slender 119 Views

There are many Muslim baby boy names that start with the letter G.

Some of these Muslim baby boy names starting with G – include: Ghalib, which means “conqueror“; Ghazi, which means “warrior“; and Gulzar, which means “flower garden.” All of these names have strong, positive meanings that would be perfect for any baby boy. Also, you can check the full list below.