Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With K

Total 50 Names
Kabir great, power, strength, forceful, leader 124 Views
Kadan friend 115 Views
Kadar power, strength, forceful, don, value,… 116 Views
Kadeem adorer, adorer to allah 110 Views
Kadeen friend, compariion, confidant 120 Views
Kadeer green crop 121 Views
Kaden fighter, companion 133 Views
Kader don, value, power, strength, forceful 96 Views
Kadhar strong, power, strength, forceful, don 163 Views
Kadhir sun, brilliant, ray of light 106 Views
Kadidu forgot 102 Views
Kadih making efforts, toiling 133 Views
Kadim ancient, old, eminent person 140 Views
Kadon successful 111 Views
Kadun real 151 Views
Kadyn fighter 121 Views
Kaeleb bold, strong, variant of caleb 106 Views
Kaf sufficient, enough 131 Views
Kafalat to help 102 Views
Kafeel responsible, sponsor, surety 110 Views
Kafil protector, responsible, sponsor 134 Views
Kafrr name of closer 128 Views
Kahil friend, lover 126 Views
Kahill best friend 96 Views
Kahir dark, brave, alert 166 Views
Kahled king 95 Views
Kahleil friend 166 Views
Kahlel friend 117 Views
Kahlelle religious one 120 Views
Kahlil close friend 102 Views
Kahlill religious one 113 Views
Kahul one who has beautiful black… 96 Views
Kaidan rebel, fighter, spirit of battle 211 Views
Kaiden warrior, friend 395 Views
Kaif pleasure, high spirits, sea, king 99 Views
Kaifi jolly, tipsy, intoxicated, lusty 146 Views
Kaifreen religious one 99 Views
Kaihan world 173 Views
Kaiqad religious one 101 Views
Kairan beam of light, a ray… 111 Views
Kairon victorious 114 Views
Kaisan companion of prophet, wise 145 Views
Kaisar youth 96 Views
Kaiser to cut, hairy, hirsute 114 Views
Kaison son of fighter, rebel 149 Views
Kaium sweet 122 Views
Kaiyum sweet 103 Views
Kaizad unbeatable, born of royalty 153 Views
Kali another name for allah, talented 98 Views
Karl mighty one 379 Views

Beautiful, modern, and Unique Muslim baby boy names that start with the letter K.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby boy names starting with K. Some of these names include: Kareem – meaning “generous”, Khaleel – meaning “friend”, Khalil – meaning “beloved”, and Kyree – meaning “lord”. All of these names are wonderful choices for your little one. With such a variety of meanings, you are sure to find the perfect name for your baby boy. Also, you can check the full list below.