Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Total 50 Names
Labeed poet praised by rasulullah 86 Views
Labeeq intelligent, active, refined 96 Views
Labhan truth 117 Views
Labib sensible, intelligent 116 Views
Labid a companion 113 Views
Labis wearer, coverer 117 Views
Laden strong willing 92 Views
Laeeiq skillful, eligible 110 Views
Laeeq able, fit, deserving, skillful 94 Views
Lahab profit 107 Views
Laham intuition, conjecture, wisdom 135 Views
Lahan music 276 Views
Lahiah narrator of hadith 109 Views
Lahiq following, reaching 87 Views
Laiba female of haven 84 Views
Laifq all time happy 114 Views
Laiha glittering 98 Views
Laihan glittering 122 Views
Lailan two nights 92 Views
Laiq variant of la'iq, able, fit 106 Views
Laiqshah strong willing 97 Views
Lais king ofjungle, lion 127 Views
Laith fight, lion 107 Views
Lajbar precious stone 96 Views
Lajlaj a compariion 95 Views
Lalasab honest, bright 116 Views
Lamees soft to touch, smooth, sun 147 Views
Lameez kind, honest young man 129 Views
Lamese soft to touch 95 Views
Lami shiriing, holy 93 Views
Lamia shiriing 97 Views
Lamih light 97 Views
Lamis touch, one who touches something 107 Views
Laraib faultless, pure, intact 125 Views
Larbi Arabic 130 Views
Lariie path 124 Views
Lasani incomparable 204 Views
Laskhar soldier, army 193 Views
Latafat elegance, gentleness, kindness 106 Views
Lateef gentle, kind, pleasant 167 Views
Lathan rhyming form of hebrew nathan 109 Views
Latheef gentle, kindness 115 Views
Latheif strong willing 90 Views
Lathif strong willing 132 Views
Latief pleasant, gentle, enigmatic 123 Views
Latif gentle, pleasant 116 Views
Latifah elegance 98 Views
Latiff pleasant, gentle 118 Views
Latifi gentle, kind 103 Views
Lavin soft heart 142 Views

Beautiful, modern, and Unique Muslim baby boy names that start with the letter L.

There are many Muslim baby boy names that starting with L. Some of the most popular ones are Luqman, which means “wise,” and Labib, which means “intelligent.” Other popular choices include Latif, which means “kind,” and Luay, which means “light.” There are many other great choices, so be sure to look through all of the options to find the perfect name for your baby boy. Also, you can check the full list below.