Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Total 50 Names
Mab place of recourse, retreat 90 Views
Mabad worship, temple 117 Views
Mabah neither bless nor curse 78 Views
Mabarak well wisher 107 Views
Mabood worshipped 90 Views
Mabrook loved by allah, blessed 289 Views
Mabrouk blessed 104 Views
Mabruk wishes 128 Views
Mabrur pure 106 Views
Mabud worshipped, adored 113 Views
Mad an old arabian tribe's name,… 137 Views
Madad aid, assistance 116 Views
Madan cupid, allah of love, lord… 130 Views
Madar allah 171 Views
Madarii civilized 149 Views
Madarik intelligence 124 Views
Maddukuri surname 174 Views
Madeeh praised, commendable 116 Views
Madhana strong willing 116 Views
Madhat praise, lauding 109 Views
Madi sharp, moon 177 Views
Madih praised 119 Views
Madiha strong willing 113 Views
Madihuddin strong willing 107 Views
Madil road, way, method, creed 145 Views
Madin delightful 118 Views
Madina from high tower 133 Views
Madinah city of prophet 118 Views
Madirii metallic, made of metal 140 Views
Madjid strong willing 108 Views
Madkhal entrance, entry, admittance 107 Views
Madoow one who is called 133 Views
Madrii resident of city madeena 116 Views
Madun inhabited 112 Views
Maed from meadow 106 Views
Maeen fountain, spring 111 Views
Maeesh life, lifetime, livelihood 129 Views
Maera daughter of atlas 114 Views
Mafakhir glorious deed, trait 123 Views
Mafas protection, successfiil 168 Views
Mafaz victory, to win 133 Views
Mafaza strong willing 142 Views
Mafeed none 101 Views
Mafi forgive 148 Views
Mafijuddin strong willing 117 Views
Mafiz to giver 122 Views
Mafizuddin strong willing 99 Views
Mafizul strong willing 120 Views
Mafshid strong willing 141 Views
Maftooh opened, freed 139 Views

Beautiful, modern, and Unique Muslim baby boy names that start with the letter M.

Muslim baby boy names starting with M are numerous and have a variety of different meanings. Many names have Arabic origins, while others are Persian or Turkish in origin. Names starting with M are often interpreted to mean “gift from God.” Some of the most popular Muslim baby boy names starting with M include Muhammad, Malik, and Mahmud. Also, you can check the full list below.