Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Total 50 Names
Nabed adorer to allah 167 Views
Nabeed bearer of good news or… 76 Views
Nabeeh magnificent, outstanding, famous 72 Views
Nabeh magnificent, outstanding 71 Views
Nabhan magnificent, outstanding, alert 80 Views
Nabhi focus, best, centre of body 79 Views
Nabi prophet 161 Views
Nabi h brilliant, talent, genius, brilliance, distinguished 137 Views
Nabi hah intelligent, talent, geriius, brilliance 107 Views
Nabibakhsh gift of prophet 117 Views
Nabibukhsh king 111 Views
Nabibux adorer to allah 92 Views
Nabid bearer of good news or… 103 Views
Nabiel high born, wise, studious 136 Views
Nabih magnificent, famous, eminent 181 Views
Nabil magnificent, generous 104 Views
Nabin new 158 Views
Nabisab adorer to allah 97 Views
Nabit sprout, small new plant 122 Views
Nabiullah an epithet of prophet nuh 135 Views
Nabiulmalhamsh prophet of war 188 Views
Nabiyur rahmah prophet of mercy 175 Views
Nabiyut tawbah prophet of repentance 104 Views
Nabon adorer to allah 120 Views
Nacer triumphant victor 123 Views
Nacim leader 117 Views
Nacki illiterate 164 Views
Nada fresh, dew drop 104 Views
Nadal fortunate, first in fight of… 147 Views
Nadan very simple 233 Views
Nadeem friend, companion, confidant 167 Views
Nadeen ocean 97 Views
Nadeer valuable, precious, dearly loved 102 Views
Nader sparse, rare 101 Views
Nadheed organised, arranged 111 Views
Nadheem companion, friend, repentant 110 Views
Nadheer sparse, rare 127 Views
Nadhif magnificent 131 Views
Nadhir fresh 127 Views
Nadhr gold, precious, sahabi 108 Views
Nadiha adorer to allah 139 Views
Nadil fortunate 186 Views
Nadim friend, compariion 108 Views
Nadin lord of rivers 169 Views
Nadir beloved, uncommon, pinnacle 109 Views
Nadir dear, sparse, rare, precious 100 Views
Nadira sparse, rare, precious 92 Views
Nadjib studious 94 Views
Nadman adorer to allah 106 Views
Nadqid a critic, a reviewer 139 Views

Beautiful, modern, and Unique Muslim baby boy names that start with the letter N.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby boy names starting with N. Each name has a special meaning that is significant to the child’s parents.
Nabil means “noble” or “honest.” It is a strong name for a boy who will grow into a courageous and righteous man.
Nadir means “rare” or “precious.” This name is perfect for a special and unique baby boy.
Nasir means “protector” or “defender.” It is a powerful name for a boy who will grow up to be a strong and honorable man.
Navid means “new” or “fresh.” This name represents new beginnings and hopes for the future.
Nawfal means “gift from God.” This is a perfect name for a baby boy who is a blessing to his parents. Also, you can check the full list below.