Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Total 49 Names
Obaid adorer of allah 73 Views
Obaidul lowly adorer of allah 146 Views
Obaidullah little adorer 89 Views
Obama slightly bent 74 Views
Obeidulla adorer to allah 73 Views
Oemar arabian traveller 190 Views
Offa familiarity, intimacy 103 Views
Ohammed adorer to allah 90 Views
Ohrmazd divinity of wisdom 105 Views
Okba adorer to allah 111 Views
Olia highest, loftiest, utmost 116 Views
Olushola allah has blessed me, from… 118 Views
Oma life giver, commander 103 Views
Omaid adorer to allah 98 Views
Omaijid magnificent, praiseworthy, glorious 116 Views
Omair intelligent, problem solver 94 Views
Omais love, affection 107 Views
Omam plural of ummah, nation 121 Views
Oman giver of life, friend,Protector 176 Views
Omar an era, highest 97 Views
Omar faruk braver, intelligence 135 Views
Omarr highest, follower of prophet 106 Views
Omed hope, aspiration 120 Views
Omeed hope 110 Views
Omeir long living 101 Views
Omen to be faithful 127 Views
Omero security, pledge 114 Views
Omid hope, desire,wish 149 Views
Ommar first son 115 Views
Omor awesomeness 116 Views
Omran solid structure, lifetime 93 Views
Omri sheaf of corn, grain 126 Views
Onik various, soldier 116 Views
Ons gladness, removal of fear 120 Views
Onsi one who removes fears 109 Views
Onslow from zealous one's hill 118 Views
Oraib keen, one who has vision 108 Views
Oraibi keen, perceptive, intelligent 133 Views
Orang a throne, wisdom, understanding 118 Views
Orbalaye fire 113 Views
Orjun branch of a palm tree 117 Views
Orman mariner, spear man 114 Views
Ormazd divinity of wisdom 117 Views
Ornob sea, ocean 137 Views
Orush thrones, ceilings 122 Views
Orz side, proximity, middle 110 Views
Osaf a well dancer, qualities 150 Views
Osaid tiger of mohammed 485 Views
Osama lion 129 Views

Beautiful, modern, and Unique Muslim baby boy names that start with the letter O.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby boy names starting with O. Some of these names include Omar, Osman, and Osama, which all have different meanings. Omar means “firstborn son,” Osman means “protector,” and Osama means “lion.” There are many other great Muslim baby boy names that start with the letter O, so be sure to look into them all before making your final decision. Also, you can check the full list below.