Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With R

Total 50 Names
Rabbul adorer to allah 90 Views
Rabee champion, spring, breeze 73 Views
Rabeeah a bounding in green foliage 71 Views
Rabeeh winner, one who profits 69 Views
Rabees power, strength, forceful, fearless, dauntless 73 Views
Rabi spring, breeze 111 Views
Rabia spring 115 Views
Rabiah greenery 99 Views
Rabid adorer to allah 146 Views
Rabih spring, acquirer 118 Views
Rabih winner, gainer 122 Views
Rabit binding, fastening 154 Views
Rabiul sun light 109 Views
Rabooh winner, one who makes a… 97 Views
Rachad adorer to allah 108 Views
Rachard righteous 95 Views
Rachaud lion 120 Views
Rachid guided well 144 Views
Rad adviser, scout, explorer, pioneer 112 Views
Radbert brilliant adviser 124 Views
Radd adviser, counsellor 129 Views
Raddhis love 154 Views
Raddie adorer to allah 119 Views
Radeen adorer to allah 262 Views
Radell a star 121 Views
Radey to ready for something 122 Views
Radhe beloved of lord Krishna 178 Views
Radhee agreed, contended 115 Views
Radhi satisfied, content 108 Views
Radhin adorer to allah 125 Views
Radhish adorer to allah 104 Views
Radhwan accept, admit, recognizeance, consent 115 Views
Radi in concordance, satisfied 137 Views
Radib adorer to allah 124 Views
Radin young man 155 Views
Radman joyful 111 Views
Radwan delicious, delight 125 Views
Rady adorer to allah 117 Views
Raed leader, red, pioneer, guide 113 Views
Raeda satisfaction 144 Views
Raee guardian, custodian 112 Views
Raeed adorer to allah 155 Views
Raeef compasionate, kind 108 Views
Raeem another name for allah 140 Views
Raees wealthy, rich, chief, lover 126 Views
Raeish leader 100 Views
Raem one who has a desire… 158 Views
Raeshad adorer to allah 120 Views
Raeshuan king warrior 206 Views
Rafael allah has healed, healer 407 Views

Modern, and Unique Muslim Baby Boy Names That Start With the Letter R.

There are many beautiful, modern, and unique Muslim baby boy names starting with R. Some of these names include Rahim – meaning merciful, Ra’ees – meaning leader, Rafiq – meaning companion, Rashid – meaning rightly guided, Razi – meaning pleased, All of these names are perfect for a baby boy, and each one has a special meaning that is significant to the Muslim faith. Choose a name for your baby boy that you feel represents him and his future, and that he will be proud to carry throughout his life. Also, you can check the full list below.