Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Total 50 Names
sab beautiful, lion 75 Views
Sabal with strength 82 Views
Saban adorer to allah 100 Views
Sabanna attack like a tiger 78 Views
Sabaque one who surpasses or excels 71 Views
Sabar nectar 118 Views
Sabas conversion 117 Views
Sabat firmness, stability, certainty 123 Views
Sabawoon dawn, morning 167 Views
Sabbah fair complexioned 127 Views
Sabbar extremely patient, enduring 138 Views
Sabbath dyer 104 Views
Sabbir intelligent 119 Views
Sabeed adorer to allah 107 Views
Sabeeh beautifiil, pretty 128 Views
Sabeek adorer to allah 234 Views
Sabeel way, path, road, route 172 Views
Sabeer patient, tolerant, enduring 176 Views
Sabeeri patient, enduring 118 Views
Sabeh pretty, handsome, beautifiil 103 Views
Saber sword 109 Views
Sabhya refined 158 Views
Sabi affectionate 132 Views
Sabigh dyer 101 Views
Sabih clear 98 Views
Sabihi bright like morning 103 Views
Sabik king, beautifiil lion 130 Views
Sabil path way, patience 102 Views
Sabin brave, from sabines 141 Views
Sabiq antecedent, preceding 104 Views
Sabiqah one who comes first in… 88 Views
Sabir patient, enduring 110 Views
Sabiroon patient one 162 Views
Sabiruddin adorer to allah 116 Views
Sabirun patient one 99 Views
Sabit name of a sahabi ra 102 Views
Sabith adorer to allah 173 Views
Sabitul adorer to allah 142 Views
Sabooh bright, radiant 97 Views
Saboor patient, tolerant, forbearing 106 Views
Sabour patient 122 Views
Sabr patience, endurance 163 Views
Sabre sword 101 Views
Sabri patient, perseverant 112 Views
sabuh bright, radiant 92 Views
sabur patient 104 Views
saburah narrator of hadith 105 Views
saburi patience, enduring 122 Views
sad al din good of faith 118 Views
sadab happy, greenery 110 Views

Beautiful, Modern, and Unique Muslim Baby Boy Names That Start With the Letter S.

There are many modern Muslim baby boy names starting with S. Some of the most popular names include: Saad: meaning “good fortune” or “luck”, Salman: meaning “peaceful” or “safe”, Sami: meaning “high” or “exalted”, Shahid: meaning “witness” or “martyr”, Suhayb: meaning little archer. All of these names are lovely and have special meanings. It is sure to be a difficult task to choose just one. Also, you can check the full list below.