Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With T

Total 49 Names
Tabarruk to become blessed 135 Views
Tabarus pious 87 Views
Tabb brilliant, shining, drummer 68 Views
Tabbah another name of madina city 88 Views
Tabby gazelle 131 Views
Tabdar warm, bright, luminous 100 Views
Tabeed glitter, curve, shine, brightness 104 Views
Tabeel good allah 155 Views
Tabeen followers, those who believe, fans 115 Views
Taberaz pious 110 Views
Tabib doctor, physician 155 Views
Tabid brightness, shine, glitter 244 Views
Tabin pious 116 Views
Tabish warmth, brilliance, heat 167 Views
Tabnak hot, bright 120 Views
Tabraiz generous 105 Views
Tabrej challenging, showing openly 117 Views
Tabrez challenging, showing openly 96 Views
Tabrid to cool 124 Views
Tabriz intelligent 104 Views
Tabseer enlightenment, education 103 Views
Tadbir to organise, procure, arrange 108 Views
Tadees brilliant 121 Views
Tadris to study, research, to look… 111 Views
Taemin beautiful, shine 122 Views
Tafadhdhal favour, obligation 195 Views
Tafadhdhul courteiusness, fovour, kindness 108 Views
Tafaf sundown, time before sunset 115 Views
Tafali sundown, time before sunset, sunup 195 Views
Tafazul favour kindness 97 Views
Tafazzul courteousness, favour kindness 107 Views
Tafazzul husain favour of husain 153 Views
Tafdheel prefer, to give precedence 92 Views
Tafeef praise, hymn of allah, recognition 276 Views
Tafeef recognition, praise 108 Views
Tafeel intelligent 161 Views
Tafheem understanding, knowledge 118 Views
Tafijul pious 152 Views
Tafiur pious 105 Views
Tafli soft, delicate, gentle 108 Views
Tafseel to detail, elaboration 145 Views
Tafseer interpretation 127 Views
Tafshin pious 123 Views
Tafsil to detail, elaboration 113 Views
Tafsir interpretation 117 Views
Tafzil kinds of allah 114 Views
Tafzul pious 101 Views
Taghlib one who wins, triumphs 105 Views
Tahajib pious 164 Views

Beautiful and Unique Muslim Baby Boy Names That Start With the Letter T.

There are many beautiful, modern, and unique Muslim baby boy names starting with T. Some of these names include: Talal, which means “generous“; Tariq, which means “one who knocks at the door of truth“; and Waheed, which means “unique“. These are just a few of the many wonderful names that Muslim parents can choose for their baby boys. Also, you can check the full list below.