Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Total 44 Names
Badarunnisa full moon 82 Views
Badawiya variant of badawi 91 Views
Badaya beginnings, initiation, inception 81 Views
Baddur little full moon 101 Views
Badeea inventor, creator 96 Views
Badeeah astonishing, amazing, marvel 120 Views
Badeeda example, sample, specimen 153 Views
Badeela a gift 147 Views
Badhariya angel of allah 113 Views
Badia unprecedented, amazing, admirable 129 Views
Badiah unprecedented, amazing, admirable 130 Views
Badiha insight, perceptive faculty 142 Views
Badira fiill moon, first 117 Views
Badra fiill moon, pretty, deity durga 138 Views
Badrah fiill moon, to be early 142 Views
Badrai name of fairy, famous fairy 186 Views
Badria like the full moon 102 Views
Badriya resembling fiill moon 139 Views
Badriyah resembling the fiill moon 131 Views
Badriyyah resembles the full moon 126 Views
Badrun nisa charming lady 124 Views
Badrunnisa charming lady 135 Views
Badrunnisha heavenly feeling 142 Views
Baduah one who is best at… 142 Views
Badur moon 135 Views
Badyah clear, knowledgeable person 142 Views
Baghisha light rain 134 Views
Baha value, price, worth 121 Views
Bahair tender hearted woman 143 Views
Bahameen spring 109 Views
Bahamin spring 125 Views
Bahar spring 135 Views
Bahara brings the spring 160 Views
Baharak spring 141 Views
Baharbano blooming princess 111 Views
Bahareh sprint flower, bringer of spring 102 Views
Bahati luck or be lucky, good… 146 Views
Baheej charming 100 Views
Baheeja happy, charming, radiant 110 Views
Baheera dazling, brilliant 104 Views
Bahia nice, 120 Views
Bahiga glad, happy, joyfiil 126 Views
Bahijah magnificent, splendid 112 Views
bahiya nice 121 Views

Beautiful Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter B.

beautiful, modern, and unique Muslim baby girl names starting with B. Here are some of the most popular and their meanings: Basma – which means “smiling”, Bint – means “daughter”, Bushra – which means “good news”, and Baneen: This name means “delicate” or “frail”. These are just a few of the many modern and beautiful Muslim baby girl names that start with the letter B. All of these names have special meanings and will be sure to make your little girl feel loved and special. Also, you can check the full list below.