Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Total 46 Names
Casilda of the home, dwelling place 108 Views
Caylie beloved, slender, variant of 97 Views
Celina young warrior, rendered to mars 277 Views
Cemal beauty 130 Views
Centola light of knowledge 116 Views
Cesaria heavenly feeling 152 Views
Chadia gracious 110 Views
Chadna love 128 Views
Chaesha bright, charming 147 Views
Chafia look after 107 Views
Chafika to tend 102 Views
Chahida heavenly feeling 121 Views
Chahra notoriety 124 Views
Chahrazad sensitive 135 Views
Chaka a lark, life, energy centre 156 Views
Chakira grateful 112 Views
Chakori alert, a bird 109 Views
Chakra energy centre of the body 107 Views
Chalipa cross, flower 102 Views
Chaman garden 95 Views
Chamen garden of flowers 116 Views
Chamini love like ocean 148 Views
Chamis sun 115 Views
Champa flower, essence of sun, fragrant 98 Views
Chana defended, grave, politenessful 124 Views
Chanchal active, spontaneous, lively 146 Views
Chanda moon 117 Views
Chandana sandalwood, parrot 146 Views
Chandani star, a river, moonlight, silver 102 Views
Chandini star, moonlight, moon light 142 Views
Chandra shining moon, the moon, radiant 100 Views
Charikar heavenly feeling 116 Views
Chariva charming 102 Views
Charugna moon 116 Views
Chasheen sweet 128 Views
Chehra face 96 Views
Chereen dear one, darling, beloved 102 Views
Chereena charming, beloved, determined 95 Views
Cheryn moon 96 Views
Chiraz light 131 Views
Choti little, small 124 Views
Chunna paint 123 Views
Ciara black like a raven, dark,… 325 Views
Cimrin remembrance of allah 109 Views
Clemira brilliant princess 115 Views
Corlissa cheerful 121 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter C With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with C. Here are just a few of the most popular ones along with their meaning: Ceylan -meaning “blue”, Cemile – meaning “gentle”, Cemre – meaning “embers”. Each of these names is perfect for a baby girl who is sure to bring joy and light into your life. If you are looking for a name with a special meaning, any of these would be a great choice. Also, you can check the full list below.