Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Total 45 Names
Dafiya narrator of hadith, daughter 118 Views
Dah rosebud, rose 108 Views
Dahab gold 131 Views
Dahah beauty 111 Views
Dahlia flower name, valley flower 179 Views
Dahma scholar, learned, savant of religion 116 Views
Daiba assiduous, persistent, devoted 96 Views
Daieba hard worker 111 Views
Daifa defence 106 Views
Dainyat to give 113 Views
Daisha pretty and friendly woman 100 Views
Daiya caller for islam 119 Views
Daleela guide, proof, leader 116 Views
Daleena kind, noble 124 Views
Daleesha delight 132 Views
Dalia a branch, to draw water,… 155 Views
Dalila gentle, tender hearted, gentleness 149 Views
Dalilah guide, leader, clue 104 Views
Dalina noble, kind 139 Views
Daliya great, dahlia 123 Views
Daliyah tree branch 103 Views
Daliyana flower 97 Views
Dalwah a bucket, container 101 Views
Dama control of the senses 133 Views
Damali charming vision 119 Views
Dameetha one of good manners, simple 122 Views
Damesha small noblewoman 92 Views
Damia untamed 108 Views
Damien untamed, to tame, subdue 105 Views
Damira long live the world 124 Views
Danamir looking out for someone 115 Views
Dananir money 86 Views
Daneen princess 94 Views
Dania charming 82 Views
Danishara endowed intellecth wisdom, learning 95 Views
Danishara endowed intellecth wisdom, learning 100 Views
Daniya kind hearted 109 Views
Daniyah close, near 106 Views
Danya allah is my judge, feminine… 168 Views
Danyah close, near 97 Views
Dara mercy, halo of the moon,… 107 Views
Darakhshan shining 131 Views
Dareen wise, feminine 110 Views
Daria owner of goodness, wealthy, rich 137 Views
Darina love, kindness, charming 470 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter D With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with D. Each name has a special meaning that is a reflection of the child’s personality and character. Some popular Muslim baby girl names that start with D include: Dalila – This name means “gentle” or “calm” and is a perfect choice for a sweet and serene baby girl. Dania – This name means “close to God” and is a beautiful name for a baby girl who is blessed by Allah. Dara – This name means “star” and is a perfect choice for a baby girl who is the light of your life. so, Dania is a beautiful name for a baby girl who is special and loved by all or “close to God”. Also, you can check the complete list below.