Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Total 49 Names
Fabeena heavenly feeling 122 Views
Fabeha lucky, fortunate 117 Views
Fabida heavenly feeling 118 Views
Fabiha fortunate 101 Views
Fabina allah 143 Views
Fabiya heavenly feeling 111 Views
Fabliha excellent 182 Views
Fadah silver 195 Views
Fadeelah superiority 107 Views
Fadela excellent 103 Views
Fadheela virtuous, outstanding, superior 119 Views
Fadheeler virtue, excellence 128 Views
Fadhila virtuous, outstanding 122 Views
Fadhiler virtue, excellence 110 Views
Fadhiya gorgeous 93 Views
Fadia fern, redeemed, one who sacrifices 91 Views
Fadila attractive, good looking 107 Views
Fadilah virtuous, outstanding, superior 106 Views
Fadiya redeemer 112 Views
Fadiyah redeemer, self sacrificing 94 Views
Fadya sacrificing 277 Views
Faeema determined women, self sacrifice 128 Views
Faeeqa excellent, awake, superb 114 Views
Faeezah leader 95 Views
Faeiqa superb, excellent 98 Views
Faeqa awake, outstanding 158 Views
Faerie tall, pretty 119 Views
Faeza successful, winner 153 Views
Faezah heavenly feeling 157 Views
Faghira jasmine flower 113 Views
Fagol clever and charming 122 Views
Fahada leopardess 113 Views
Fahama astute, perceptive, discerning 104 Views
Fahamida heavenly feeling 86 Views
Fahamitha heavenly feeling 124 Views
Fahdah leopardess 85 Views
Faheema learned, intelligent, perceptive 91 Views
Faheemah intelligent 98 Views
Faheena one moment 125 Views
Faheera heavenly feeling 142 Views
Fahema heavenly feeling 106 Views
Fahemah intelligent, learned 101 Views
Fahhama very intelligent, learned 94 Views
Fahhamat extremely sympathetic 115 Views
Fahida helpful, helpfulness 251 Views
Fahiema learned, intelligent 134 Views
Fahika heavenly feeling 176 Views
Fahima Sultana intelligent queen, empress 146 Views
Fahimah learned, intelligent 94 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter F With Their Meanings.

Modern, unique, and meaningful Muslim baby girl names starting with F are plentiful and have beautiful meanings. Fatima is one of the most popular Muslim names and means “the one who abstains.” Fayza is another popular choice and means “victorious.” Falak means “heavens” or “sky,” while Farah means “joy.” Fariha means “happy” or “joyful,”. All of these names are beautiful choices for a baby girl. Each of these names has a special meaning that is significant to the Muslim faith. They are sure to make your little girl feel loved and special. Also, you can check the complete list below.