Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Total 41 Names
Habeeba beloved, sweetheart, darling 88 Views
Habeekah wave, wave of the sea 82 Views
Habi picture 91 Views
Habibah beloved, sweetheart, darling 73 Views
Habibeh beloved 79 Views
Habibiyyah beloved, loving 112 Views
Habibu beloved 131 Views
Habika sweetheart 112 Views
Habikah the road 102 Views
Habiyyah little 93 Views
Habiza companion 106 Views
Hablah a woman who earns a… 115 Views
Habon helpful, hopeful, kindness 111 Views
Haboos kind, benevolent 132 Views
Habriyah blessed, knowledgeable, virtuous 108 Views
Habsa heavenly feeling 200 Views
Hadaiq garden 100 Views
Hadal peaceful 103 Views
Hadara bedecked in beauty, glory 126 Views
Hadassah myrtle tree, like a star 637 Views
Hadaya gift, present 90 Views
Hadba one intellecth long eye lashes 115 Views
Haddiqa heavenly feeling 121 Views
Haddiyah heavenly feeling 130 Views
Hadeefa heavenly feeling 128 Views
Hadeefah heavenly feeling 93 Views
Hadeel bird 107 Views
Hadeeqa gorgeous 163 Views
Hadeeqah garden 104 Views
Hadeesa heavenly feeling 104 Views
Hadfah aim, target 115 Views
Hadhiqah intelligent, active 102 Views
Hadhirah heavenly feeling 110 Views
Hadhiya gift 135 Views
Hadia guide to righteousness 124 Views
Hadiah guide to righteousness 103 Views
Hadida heavenly feeling 249 Views
Hadifa heavenly feeling 119 Views
Hadifah heavenly feeling 119 Views
Hadil cooing like a pigeon 95 Views
Hadinah heavenly feeling 143 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter H With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with H. Here are just a few of the most popular names along with their meanings: Hana: happiness, Hiba: gift, Huda: Guidance, Hafsa: lioness, Humaira: red rose. Each of these names is perfect for a special little girl who is sure to bring joy and happiness into the world. Also, you can check the complete list below.