Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Total 41 Names
Ibada adored 75 Views
Ibadah worship 87 Views
Ibadat prayer, worship 87 Views
Ibadata acts of worship, good deeds 92 Views
Ibda innovation 97 Views
Ibhar stigma of flower, breadth 113 Views
Ibna gift 107 Views
Ibnah daughter 115 Views
Ibrah wisdom, advice 108 Views
Ibrat way of saying 94 Views
Ibreez chaste gold, a piece of… 134 Views
Ibrisam silk 90 Views
Ibrisami silk 107 Views
Ibriz chaste gold 95 Views
Ibtasam smile 102 Views
Ibtehaj joy, delight 116 Views
Ibthaj joy 105 Views
Ibtida invention, discovery 128 Views
Ibtigha to seek 104 Views
Ibtihl prayer, supplication 117 Views
Ibtisama smile 92 Views
Ibtissam smile 113 Views
Ibtissem smile 121 Views
Ibukun blessings, good wishes 112 Views
Idalika queen, empress 107 Views
Idane heavenly feeling 82 Views
Idhar fluff 109 Views
Idil battle 139 Views
laza fairy 150 Views
leasha woman, life, alive 106 Views
leashah woman, life 94 Views
leashia woman, life 118 Views
leashiah woman, life 89 Views
leesha woman, life 186 Views
leeshah woman, life 95 Views
leeshia woman, life 120 Views
leeshiah woman, life 113 Views
leisha alive, she who lives 144 Views
leishia heavenly feeling 117 Views
lesha alive, she who lives, life,… 112 Views
leshah woman, life 116 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter I With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with I. Here are some of the most popular ones along with their meanings: Irada – Will, Izza – Power, Jannah – Paradise. Each of these names is special and has a deep meaning. They are sure to be a source of pride for their parents and will be cherished forever. Also, you can check the complete list below.