Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Total 47 Names
Labeeba wise, intelligent 122 Views
Labeebah wise 94 Views
Labeeqa active, intelligent, adorned 142 Views
Labiba wise, intelligent, confident 104 Views
Labibah wise, intelligent 107 Views
Labisah wearer 99 Views
Labony charming raining 97 Views
Ladan flower, nasturtium, indian cress 107 Views
Laeeqa heavenly feeling 129 Views
Laela dark beauty, night 101 Views
Lafiza as deep as a sea 98 Views
Laheza heavenly feeling 113 Views
Lahifa helper 110 Views
Lahna gift of allah 230 Views
Lahya gift 131 Views
Laia dark beauty, night 126 Views
Laibah laibah is the prettiest women 140 Views
Laiji heavenly feeling 133 Views
Laika heavenly feeling 174 Views
Lail night 131 Views
Laila riight, born at night, sweetheart 191 Views
Lailah riight, born at night, sweetheart 127 Views
Lailat rights 102 Views
Lailie born during light, nightfall 108 Views
Laily night, nocturnal 127 Views
Laima deity of fortune 148 Views
Laimah charming 127 Views
Laiqa charming, elegant 116 Views
Laiqah suitable, deserving, elegant 111 Views
Laira stars 309 Views
Lairah stars 139 Views
Laisa heavenly feeling 154 Views
Laish a lion 140 Views
Laisha prosperous, angel 124 Views
Laiya dark beauty, right 134 Views
Lakecia woman 91 Views
Lakeesha joyful or happy, woman 121 Views
Lakeisha combination of la and keisha 132 Views
Laketia woman, life 117 Views
Lakeysha woman 109 Views
Lakhsha glittering 132 Views
Lakhta ear ring 96 Views
Lakia treasure 108 Views
Lakicia woman 112 Views
Lakisha joyful, happy, woman, alive 103 Views
Lakitia woman, life 95 Views
Lala shine, glimmer, shimmer, the light 107 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter L With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with L. Here are some of the most popular ones along with their meanings: Laila: Nighttime, Layla: Born at night, Leila: Dark-haired beauty, Lina: Bright one, Luma: Light, Lutfiya: Gentle. All of these names are lovely and would make a perfect choice for your little girl. Also, you can check the complete list below.