Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Total 60 Names
Oamra the moon 111 Views
Obaidiyah bonds 82 Views
Obdulia devotee, proponent, sponsor of allah 151 Views
Ofra fawn, deer 67 Views
Ohda responsibility, trusteeship 82 Views
Oisha heavenly feeling 123 Views
Oishi gift of allah, divine 130 Views
Ojala light 120 Views
Oksana woman of hospitality, praise 191 Views
Olizamia soft spoken 99 Views
Omaima short for mother 114 Views
Omaimiya kind, loving 123 Views
Omaira awesome, star, red 107 Views
Omaiza charming 111 Views
Omana protector, friend, helper 91 Views
Omema leader 122 Views
Omera inspiring, positive attitude 97 Views
Omira little mary, star of the… 116 Views
Ommata girl slave 99 Views
Omriia a wish, what heart wants 110 Views
Omriiati my hope, wish 97 Views
Omyma cherry blossom 134 Views
Omysha smile 129 Views
Onaifa dignified 112 Views
Onaysa good friend, one who brings… 99 Views
Oneekah special gift 109 Views
Ongkar heavenly feeling 117 Views
Onsiyah one who brings calm and… 91 Views
Ooma silent 119 Views
Oraiba keen, discerning, intelligent 109 Views
Oraibia keen, perceptive, intelligent 121 Views
Oraida eloquent 104 Views
Oranous one of the solar planet 124 Views
Oreekha affectionate personality 114 Views
Orin flower, unlimited 167 Views
Orit little light 151 Views
Orkideh orchid 121 Views
Oroni heavenly feeling 106 Views
Orrii charming, pretty 138 Views
Orub devoted, full of love, loving 119 Views
Orwiya female mountain goat 90 Views
Orzah competent, proactive 145 Views
Osheen shiriing, charming, water pearls 132 Views
Osma allah's protection, divine 99 Views
Osmarii devotee, proponent, sponsor of allah,… 93 Views
Ouarda rosebud, rose 137 Views
Oudsiyya glorious, holy 114 Views
Ouhood covenants, promises 95 Views
Oula first, foremost 110 Views
Owaiba one who repents 132 Views
Owaidat one who visits the sick… 116 Views
Owaiqiba reward, recompense for good deeds 109 Views
Owaiza replacement, 177 Views
Owaria water well 106 Views
Oyaina one who has large eyes 117 Views
Oyun eyes, variant of ain, spring 119 Views
Ozaifa allah gift 162 Views
Ozara treasure, wealth 123 Views
Ozima heavenly feeling 107 Views
Ozra neat, clean, virgin mary 116 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter O With Their Meanings.

When it comes to Muslim baby girl names starting with O, there are many beautiful and meaningful options to choose from. One popular pick is Omaria, which means “hope” or “wish.” Another lovely name is Olina, meaning “light.” If you’re looking for a name with royal roots, consider Oprah, which is the Arabic form of “Aurora.” And for a name with a bit of sass, there’s always Osma, meaning “protector.” Whatever you choose, you’re sure to pick a name that will be cherished for years to come. Also, you can check the complete list below.