Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Total 46 Names
Pakeeja divine 75 Views
Pakeeza cleanliness, chaste 90 Views
Pakeezah clear 83 Views
Pakiza virtuous 82 Views
Pakizah heavenly feeling 73 Views
Palwasha moon 91 Views
Palwashah light of moon, light of… 91 Views
Pamira heavenly feeling 155 Views
Parand silk 113 Views
Parasto a bird, swallow 96 Views
Parastoo a bird, swallow 98 Views
Parastu bird, swallow 116 Views
Pardaj majesty 127 Views
Paree fairy, charming 85 Views
Pareechehr charming 137 Views
Pareerou face like a fairy, charming 89 Views
Pareesa charming, like a fairy 120 Views
Pareesha fair 120 Views
Pareesima charming, fairy faced 114 Views
Pareevash fairy faced 96 Views
Pareeya fairy, beauty 154 Views
Pareeza heavenly feeling 108 Views
Parghunda cotton, soft 88 Views
Pari angel, fairy, charitable princess 117 Views
Pariha land of the fairies 116 Views
Parihan a fairy 102 Views
Pariiz sugar 94 Views
Parin lord ganesha, fairy like 113 Views
Parinaz sweet fairy, queen, empress of… 105 Views
Parinda bird 120 Views
Parisa angelic, like a fairy 100 Views
Parisha angle, gift of allah 145 Views
Pariza charming, fairy, angel 90 Views
Parizad of divine origin 128 Views
Parkar heavenly feeling 132 Views
Parma leaf 132 Views
Parmida princess 81 Views
Parvaneh like a butterfly 124 Views
Parveen star, collective shining stars 98 Views
Parveneh butterfly 127 Views
Parvina shining star, fairy girl 114 Views
Parween cluster of small stars 104 Views
Parwin new 107 Views
Pashmina showl 120 Views
Patasa sort of candy 117 Views
Pattie lady, female version of patrick 97 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter P With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with P. Here are just a few of them, along with their meanings: Pakiza: Pure, chaste, Pari: Angel, Pearl: Precious gem. Each of these names is perfect for a special little girl who is sure to bring joy and happiness into your life. Also, you can check the complete list below.