Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Total 43 Names
Saba early morning breeze, zephyr 103 Views
Sabah morning 104 Views
Sabaha early morning, dawn 123 Views
Sabahah radiance, brilliance, beauty 123 Views
Sabana from the open plain 102 Views
Sabanam mist 104 Views
Sabara heavenly feeling 138 Views
Sabbaghah dyer 113 Views
Sabbaqa triumphant, superior, pre eminent 124 Views
Sabbarah extremely patient, extremely 119 Views
Sabburah very patient, enduring 109 Views
Sabeeha forenoon, charming 133 Views
Sabeehah charming, handsome 93 Views
Sabeeka charming 127 Views
Sabeela path, road, way 149 Views
Sabeen cool morning breeze, follower 126 Views
Sabeena charming 118 Views
Sabeera patient, tolerant 113 Views
Sabeeya heavenly feeling 105 Views
Sabeeyah baby girl 129 Views
Sabeha heavenly feeling 165 Views
Sabeir patient, kind 105 Views
Sabena heavenly feeling 103 Views
Sabeqwa heavenly feeling 122 Views
Sabera morning 111 Views
Sabha bright like the morriing, charming 134 Views
Sabia charming, th sky in arabic 107 Views
Sabiba youthfulness 124 Views
Sabibah water that is poured 102 Views
Sabiha a princess, charming, bright 104 Views
Sabihah charming, bright 109 Views
Sabila right path 112 Views
Sabin from the sabines 144 Views
Sabina catlike, form of sabine 155 Views
Sabiqa first, winner, feminine of sabiq 125 Views
Sabira patient, enduring 127 Views
Sabirah perseverance, of great patience 107 Views
Sabirat patient one 112 Views
Sabireen patient 134 Views
Sabirin patient one 152 Views
Sabita charming sunshine 156 Views
Sabiya brilliant, splendid, eafirm, strong wind 132 Views
Sabiyya brilliant, splendid 98 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With The Letter S With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with S. Some of these names include: Saba, which means “Morning Star”, Safiya, which means “Pure”, Sana, which means “Radiance”, Sarah, which means “Princess”, Sarina, which means “Joyful”, Soleil, which means “Sunshine”, Sumiya, which means “Pure Heart”. Each of these names is lovely and has a special meaning. Muslim parents can be sure to choose a name for their daughter that will reflect her personality and make her proud. Also, you can check the complete list below.