Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Total 27 Names
Vafia complete 171 Views
Vagiha summarized 127 Views
Vaheeda charming, unique 125 Views
Vahida soul, vitality, spirit 136 Views
Vahidah heavenly feeling 99 Views
Vahidan heavenly feeling 98 Views
Vahidha soul, vitality, spirit 132 Views
Vahitha heavenly feeling 90 Views
Vaida a ruler, battle heroine 171 Views
Vajeeha distinguished, eminent 115 Views
Vajiha charming woman, silent, simile 104 Views
Valiqa trustworthy 113 Views
Valli flower, vine, charming deity 100 Views
Vaneeza cute 107 Views
Varisha love, rain, the rainy season 124 Views
Vaseema independent, pretty 98 Views
Vashti lovely, charming 120 Views
Vasifa who sacrifices everything 91 Views
Vasima flower 120 Views
Verddah rosebud, rose 97 Views
Veronika victory, honest image, true image 92 Views
Vihana flying high, dawn 196 Views
Vineesha efficient 111 Views
Viriithra knowledge 82 Views
Vishita twilight 126 Views
Viswanya universal 119 Views
Vrishtha unique 116 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With The Letter V With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with V. Here are some of the most popular: Victoria: Arabic for “victorious” A perfect name for a strong and independent woman. Veronica: Arabic for “true image” A beautiful name for a girl who is as lovely inside as she is outside. Violet: Arabic for “purple flower” A delicate and feminine name for a gentle and compassionate girl. Whatever you choose for your daughter, pick a name that has meaning and significance to you and your family. Also, you can check the complete list below.