Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With W

Total 46 Names
Wabiba giver, donor 103 Views
Wabisa something bright 121 Views
Wabisah bin mabad ra had this… 104 Views
Wadad friendship, love 111 Views
Wadana prosperous 228 Views
Wadat peace, mildness, gentleness 99 Views
Wadda love, afféction 95 Views
Waddia amicable, friendly 109 Views
Wadduha light of morning when day… 314 Views
Wadeedah lover, devoted, friend, beloved 101 Views
Wadha pretty 132 Views
Wadiah calm, peaceable 103 Views
Wadida attached, devoted, friendly 118 Views
Wadiya polite 112 Views
Wadiyah valley 96 Views
Wadiyt heavenly feeling 102 Views
Waelah clan, tribe, ne who takes… 97 Views
Wafeeqa successful 104 Views
Wafeeqah successful, friend, companion 97 Views
Wafia reliable 94 Views
Wafika successful 143 Views
Wafiqa successful 102 Views
Wafiqah successful 124 Views
Wafiya loyal, reliable 90 Views
Wafiyah loyal, reliable 99 Views
Wafiyya loyal 80 Views
Wafiyyah loyal, reliable 99 Views
Wafiza fresh air 111 Views
Wafqah accord, harmony, agreement 119 Views
Wagiha summarised 112 Views
Wagihah heavenly feeling 90 Views
Wagma breeze, good smell 118 Views
Wahabah name of a poetess 97 Views
Wahbah gift, bestowal 85 Views
Wahbiyah giving 99 Views
Wahbiyyah gift, bestowal 112 Views
Wahdah unity, alliance 119 Views
Waheda peerless, charming 96 Views
Waheebah one who gives, gift, bestowal 120 Views
Waheeda charming, sole, single, unique 153 Views
Waheedah singular, unparalleled, alone 100 Views
Waheedha loyal, charming 95 Views
Waheefa devotee, proponent, sponsor, lady in… 114 Views
Waheeza heavenly feeling 113 Views
Wahiba giver 96 Views
Wahibah giver, donor, bestowed 159 Views

Muslim Baby Girl Names That Start With The Letter W With Their Meanings.

There are many beautiful Muslim baby girl names starting with W. Here are some of the most popular ones along with their meanings: Wafiya – Loyalty, Wafiyah – Faithful, Wahiba – Giver, Waliyah – Guardian, Wasfiyah – Beauty, Wisam – Honor, Wafia – Trustworthy, Walidah: meaning – newborn, Wania: meaning – wish. Each of these names is beautiful in its own way and has a special meaning that is sure to be cherished by your little girl as she grows up. Also, you can check the complete list below.