Muslim Baby Names Collections

Total 2330 Names
Abaid Worshipper Of Allah, Allah Knows 150 Views
Abaj Eternity 161 Views
Abakhtar Planet, North 154 Views
Abam Tower, Pigeon House, Fortress 217 Views
Aban water, clear, eloquent 72 Views
Abanjar Tall, Stout 105 Views
Abaranji heavenly feeling 80 Views
Abasa lioness, tigress, lionet 89 Views
Abashsh friendly, talkative, affable 90 Views
Abay always listening, world 76 Views
Abazir spices, sweet herbs 137 Views
Abbas firm, strong 150 Views
Abbasah lioness 117 Views
Abda Strength, Power, Strength, Force, Brave 147 Views
Abdah devotee, proponent, sponsor of allah 133 Views
Abdan Power, Strength, Forceful Man 138 Views
Abdar Bright, Like Glass 157 Views
Abdeali Follower Of Ali 149 Views
Abdeel A Vapour, A Cloud Of… 172 Views
Abdeen Worshipper 230 Views
Abderrazi Adorer Of Provider 245 Views
Abderrazza Adorer Of Provider 127 Views
Abdhulla Adorer Of Allah, Allah 139 Views
Abdi slave to allah, ocean 128 Views
Abdinatif Spectacular Tasks 142 Views
Abdiqarii heavenly feeling 108 Views
Abdirahman Adorer, Adorer Of Allah 132 Views
Abdiya devotee, proponent, sponsor of allah 127 Views
Abdiyah heavenly feeling 156 Views
Abdu Lati Adorer Of Allah 179 Views
Abdul Replacements 122 Views
Abdul devotee, proponent, sponsor 125 Views
Abdul Adir Adorer Of Capable 143 Views
Abdul Azim Spectacular Tasks 139 Views
Abdul Aziz Adorer Of Mighty One 136 Views
Abdul Fattah Adorer, One Who Gives 122 Views
Abdul Gawad Adorer Of Magnificent One 133 Views
Abdul Hadi Adorer Of Leader 160 Views
Abdul Hakim Adorer Of Wise One 133 Views
Abdul Halim Adorer Of Patient One 125 Views
Abdul Hamid Adorer Of Praiseworthy One 196 Views
Abdul Kader Adorer Of Capable 224 Views
Abdul Kadir Adorer Of Capable 140 Views
Abdul Karim Adorer Of Generous One 138 Views
Abdul Karim Spectacular Tasks 119 Views
Abdul Lafif Adorer Of Kind One 105 Views
Abdul Majid Adorer Of Glorious One 144 Views
Abdul Malik Adorer Of King 125 Views
Abdul Matin Adorer Of Strong 133 Views
Abdul Mufi Adorer Of Donor 126 Views
Abdul Muhsin Adorer Of Charitable One 152 Views
Abdul Qadir Adorer Of Capable 150 Views
Abdul Rahim Adorer Of Compassionate 134 Views
Abdul Rahman Adorer Of Merciful 125 Views
Abdul Rashid Adorer Of Guided 123 Views
Abdul Rauf Adorer Of Compassionate 132 Views
Abdul Raziq Adorer Of Provider 181 Views
Abdul Razzaq Adorer Of Provider 121 Views
Abdul Salam Adorer Of Peace 142 Views
Abdul Sami Adorer Of All 149 Views
Abdul Wahab Adorer Of Giving 130 Views
Abdula princess 154 Views
Abdulla Adorer Of Allah 116 Views
Abdullah the devotee, proponent, sponsor of… 136 Views
Abdur Rahman Adorer Of Merciful 119 Views
Abeba flower 130 Views
Abeda a gift of allah 125 Views
Abedin devotee, proponent, sponsor 99 Views
Abeedah devotee, proponent, sponsor, narrator of… 118 Views
Abeedha permanent 110 Views
Abeeha her father 123 Views
Abeer fragrance, perfume 122 Views
Abeerah rosebud, rose 128 Views
Abeesha deity of will 189 Views
Abeira saffron, perfume 117 Views
Abena born on Tuesday 170 Views
Abha brightness, brilliance, shine 118 Views
Abhaj more or most charming 122 Views
Abhar narcissus, arabian jasmine 117 Views
Abia great, my father is the… 139 Views
Abiba beloved 130 Views
Abid devotee, proponent, sponsor of allah 139 Views
Abida devotee, proponent, sponsors 130 Views
Abidah devotee, proponent, sponsor 103 Views
Abidat devotee, proponent, sponsors of allah 165 Views
Abidha devotee, proponent, sponsors 128 Views
Abigail delight, joy to the father,… 1032 Views
Abiha the water falls from heaven 139 Views
Abijah allah, lord is my father 225 Views
Abilasha wish, desire, deity lakshmi 104 Views
Abir fragrance, scent, aroma 129 Views
Abir fragrant, determined 121 Views
Abira determined 115 Views
Abirah fleeting, transitory, ephemeral 142 Views
Abis austere, firm, strong 122 Views
Abish queen, empress 106 Views
Abisha gift of allah 130 Views
Bachir oldest son 99 Views
Bachra joy 54 Views
Badar derived from jujube tree 82 Views
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